The Private Parking Platform

Get access to exclusive private parking based on your current location or search by address. Contact individual parking spot owners and ask any specific questions you may have. Reserve your ideal spot with the tap of a button and park your car by the hour, day, week, or month.


Access an exclusive inventory of private parking spots, unavailable anywhere but on ParqEx.


When you need a parking spot, just open the app, find and book your spot! Reserve from anywhere, at any time.


When you book a spot on ParqEx, you support your community and help alleviate neighborhood parking crunches.

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Have a parking spot? Rent it out on the ParqEx app when you’re not using it, by the hour, day, week, or month – it’s up to you. Our customer service team takes care of the rest. Money is deposited into your account at the end of every week. Not only will you be making supplemental income, but you’ll also be helping solve your neighborhood parking crunch.


Parking owners are paid out 85% of the rent received for their parking spot each week. It’s that simple.


Help the parking crunch in your neighborhood by renting out your unused parking spot.


You decide whom you rent your spot to and when.


We know safety is your main concern when it comes to yourself, your vehicle and your parking. We check and approve accounts, then whether you’re the guest or owner, you decide who you do business with, every time.


We keep your input safe and secure, ensuring the only people who get your information are the ones you approve. We work tirelessly to protect your privacy and personal data because your security is our first priority.


We strive to provide the best customer service to make sure we’re meeting your needs whenever you need us. We understand the importance of being there to answer questions and resolve issues. You can count on us.

Find or list your parking spot today. Get the app!