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ParqEx stands 1000 plus users

ParqEx Stands at 1000 Plus Users

July 17th, 2015 Posted by Community, Garage, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Time to celebrate! ParqEx is proud to share that it has reached 1,000 unique users. It launched 45 days ago. This is much to boot because it solidifies its need to be present in Chicago. Based upon that, it would be safe to say this need exists in other big cities, too.


Dan and Kristie talk to a small lot owner in Wrigleyville who prefers our desktop web-app format.

In touching two major parking-heavy demanded neighborhoods, Wrigleyville and West Loop, 1000 users have established a major base for ParqEx. Plans to extend the marketing in to other neighborhoods are soon to come and to hopefully reach and connect neighbors all over the greater Chicagoland area.

“ParqEx is different,” says founder and CEO Vivek Mehra. “Our key differentiators are that we reach a variety of users with our single shared platform via different formats.” ParqEx can be used on Android and iOS devices as well as desktop and mobile internet browsers. He implied that being a part of a community and serving its needs requires one to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. This is why ParqEx is available on a variety of formats.

Customer Service Executive Dan Simpson and CMO Kristie Kederis remember talking to an owner of a spot in Wrigleyville. She used Craigslist because it was the only available non-mobile list service. She prided ParqEx for its accessibility to property owners like her who have been in the neighborhood a long time.

ParqEx takes the time to consider its users, and understands that it’s platform is needed by everyone. Its job is to make a find/list parking solution accessible to all of those who want to use it.

Congrats ParqEx on 1,000 awesome users!

Download our iOS & Android apps and use our web-app at


ParqEx at Randolph Street Market

ParqEx is Developing Community in the Big City

July 8th, 2015 Posted by Community, Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy No Comment yet

ParqEx stands as the first neighbor2neighbor parking app and list service to exist in Chicago. However, what makes ParqEx distinctive in its function & purpose is the way it aims to be a community-based platform.


ParqEx CEO & founder Vivek with Michael and Daniel welcome a neighbor at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago.

Some people may never think to talk to or greet their neighbor down the block. ParqEx is a game changer because it has the ability to bring folks together for a common need; parking.

Parking in a city like Chicago is a disaster, but folks can attest to their knowledge, those secret spots. They may know a friend. They may own a spot themselves. This is a demand from the people, ParqEx recognizes this demand and offers a shared platform to give and take the needs of a community and simplify the exchange. Naturally, relationships have the potential to be created.

Aside from maintaining the technology to support a community exchange and its development, our marketing campaigns are timely and address local events in our community, in and around Chicago. ParqEx has a presence at gatherings with the “Street Team” offering short conversations about our app, account creation, and of course, photo ops with our neighbors!

We are looking to stand with and sponsor community partners. Sit tight to see what we have in store next.

ParqEx is changing the way technology brings community together.


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