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College tuition versus parking issues

Forget Rising Tuition: A Lack of Parking Spots Is Plaguing College Campuses

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We all know that feeling of finding that sweet parking spot, but for many students at colleges and universities across the country, both students and faculty are not experiencing this pleasant emotion. While tuition and enrollment both continue to rise, parking facilities are not keeping up with the pace.

According to figures from the National Center For Education Statistics, in recent years, enrollment at secondary educational institutes has risen by 24%, from 16.6 million to 20.6 million.  The number of full-time students rose to 28%, while the number of part-time students rose by 19%. While this is great for the education of our society as a whole, students and faculty are frustrated by a lack of adequate parking.

UIC Gets a C Minus in Parking

For those attending UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago), they’re logging in at the popular College Niche website and have given the parking situation on campus a C minus as an average grade. While this denotes a less than fair level when it comes to grading standards, it would not be a grade that I would want to see on my college kid’s report card. Some of the complaints listed by students were:

  • The price for parking in a semester is way too high
  • Free parking around UIC does not really exist
  • Get(s) annoying real quick because it’s always packed
  • Parking on campus is impossible
  • You need to plan ahead to make it to class on time

A student author contributor notes, “According to research, at any given time there are about seventeen thousand people on campus, but there are only about eleven thousand available parking spaces.”

Worst City For Parking

Since Chicago is such a big city, it should probably come as no big surprise to students that parking is a problem there. As a matter of fact, Nerd Wallet named the windy city the worst town for parking in all of the United States. They cited variables such as cost, problems with theft and pointing to a controversial privatization of parking.

Prices skyrocketed in 2009 after the City of Chicago made a deal with a group of investors, organized by Morgan Stanley, to operate its meters for 75 years. A group called Chicago Parking Meters LLC runs the gamut and the city also has an enormous laundry list of parking violations that they use to deliver expensive citations.

No Room and No Money For Additional Parking

One might imagine the simple solution would be to simply add more parking structures or build additional lots, but in most cases, there isn’t sufficient space or funds available. According to Parking Today, the cost to build just one parking spot is around $2,000. For a parking garage or other type of structure, the expense shoots up to somewhere between $13,000 and $15,000 per space.

The addition of more parking also means an increase in traffic, which means that the University would also be forced to perform a traffic analysis. Campus and neighboring streets may not be able to handle the additional wear and tear on their aging roadways and other surfaces.

Students Using Peer to Peer Parking

In today’s modern technological world, many are turning to apps like our ParqEx solution, which is sometimes referred to as Peer to Peer Parking. The concept is actually quite simple, after downloading the app to your smartphone or android device, you can search for a cheaper available parking spot in your area. If you have a parking place to offer, you have the ability to give it to others at a more affordable price.

For permanent parking solutions in the Chicago area, please contact us today. We can work something out to benefit everyone involved.


The Magic of the ParqEx Mobile App

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Your time is precious despite being bombarded with deadlines, scheduling conflicts and time crunches. Driving time and traffic jams take up so much valuable time and then you still have to find a parking spot. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a magic wand that instantly made finding a parking spot easy to access? Now finding a parking spot is as easy as installing the ParqEx Mobile App, magically saving you time, money and minimizing frustration. If you prefer to use a computer, there is also an easy to use website.

Capitalizing on technology

Our mobile app is a beneficial way for our business to capitalize on technology while providing an important service to customers. We cater to the needs of the community building a platform via the user’s phone that establishes relationships. Our mobile app is useful and provides up to date information about community affairs. We combine technology and human correspondence to create the magical experience our service provides.

One touch access

Technology definitely makes life a bit easier and more convenient. One of the best things about our mobile app is that it is very simple and easy to use. Selecting the download option on your phone is all the work required at a reasonable cost. You don’t need a rocket science degree to follow the simple instructions which are appealing for those who are technologically challenged.

A platform for giving

There is magic in giving and we understand consumers have lots of choices when it comes to other mobile services. Our mobile app is much more effective than a billboard since almost everyone has a mobile device. And because we are community oriented, the app provides the opportunity to give back by focusing on renting spaces from family, friends, and colleagues. Addressing your parking needs is as simple as connecting to someone in the community using word of mouth and technology.

Great service at affordable prices

Everyone loves to save money, and it doesn’t make sense to provide a service that no one can afford. One of the most appealing features of our mobile app is that we focus on providing you with the space you need at an affordable price. Whether you’re in town or on vacation we always look for ways to provide you the quality service you deserve.

Creating the connection

With our mobile app it’s not just about making money but we strive to create a direct personal connection giving our customers a VIP feeling when they receive instant notifications telling them about community events, offers and promotions.


It’s not about what we want our customers to have but rather what they need. We take the time to listen to the feedback of our clients and take their suggestions to heart. As a result our mobile app is high quality with a rich user interface have an intuitive dashboard that allows consumers to locate the feature they need within a finger tips reach.

Part of us being the best is the fact that we strive to provide a superb product and excellent service. In Chicago and neighboring areas parking is challenging and we wanted to provide a solution. No more fighting road rage and circling the parking lot. Using our mobile app provides you the right tools to make life more convenient, saving time and providing the perfect parking spot, just like magic.

We’re unique and we know it! Although mobile apps have many benefits, our company specializes in enabling you to find the ideal parking spot based on your current location and address. With our app you can contact individual parking spot owners with your specific questions, reserve your spot, and park your car by the hour, day, week or month. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect parking spot.

A True Dedication to Parking

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ParqEx is the peer to peer parking app, where people can find or list parking; a true dedication to parking.

Our message is clear: Find a spot, save money. List a spot, make money. We have truly supported this message and will make some key points for you to consider here when choosing ParqEx over other listing services, such as classified ads. Say peace to the classifieds!

1. We’ve Got 1 Purpose: Parking!

When searching for a parking spot, you can put your frustration to bed. Why? Because parking is the only objective we have, to serve you. When visiting a service truly dedicated to hosting the spots of local owners, you’ll find what you need, way easier. Many folks share extra spots on the online classified sites, yet aren’t making their most optimal potential on the spot because people do not visit the online classifieds just simply for parking. This is something to consider!

2. We Love You!

With over 3500 users engaged with our website and app every month, ParqEx is tried and true to serving you everyday. We provide support via phone, email and through our new integrated chat. In addition, many of our app updates have been because of customer suggestion. We are truly responsive and here to help you.

3. You Make the Rules!

Yes, you make the rules. You can list your spot for as short or as long as you want to. You can rent by the hour, day, week, month, year or custom. We are developing a feature to automatically collect rent monthly for long term rentals.

4. Safe and Secure!

ParqEx is your complete parking platform and we are thinking about safety. In keeping this model strong, we arm our site and transactions with the best guard of security. Transactions are cashless and simple. All business happens before you park.

5. We’re All About Community!

In addition to being “peer to peer” or “neighbor to neighbor,” we are also community-based and local. Our foundation resides on the fact that folks help one another by providing each other a service that is needed. This is key in the shared economy sector in which we are apart of. We all share our needs and fulfill wants to create relationships, and provide an excellent service.

ParqEx App Chat Feature

ParqEx Launches New Chat Feature

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iPhone Demo

This is our new chat feature. Rent from Spot if you can, we hear he’s a nice guy!

The best part about being who we are is the fact that we thrive on our customer suggestions to improve our user interface and experience.

By popular demand, it was a no-brainer to add a chat feature in-app. As of now, renters and owners can chat with one another about a listing and can exchange details and preferences to avoid confusion.

We aim to make this one more great improvement to layer on to an overall simpler way to park in and around the city.

The update is available on Android, iOS and website.

Sure, our update is small, but we are excited and hope you are too.

If you ever have an idea or suggestion, e-mail us at: or tweet us @ParqEx.

Matchmaking for car and parking.

The Perfect Match

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ParqEx founder and CEO Vivek Mehra says “look, we’re almost like a dating site!”

Truth is, he knows it! Fulfilling customers’ needs and wants will lead to success and and growth for a startup like ParqEx. The team realizes that taking that extra step to e-mail customers and help them find that spot (or to get their spot rented) is key; the perfect match.

The app available on iOS and Android devices does most of the work for spot owners looking to have their spot rented and for those who need one to park their vehicle. However, sometimes users need that extra help to get matched perfect to benefit from each other and create a transaction. Matchmaker Dan Simpson, customer service executive, works his booty off to make sure spot seekers are met with the perfect spot owner.

Try us out today!


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