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ParqEx: 5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving and Parking in Chicago

5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving and Parking in Chicago

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Chicago may be the only city in the snow belt where residents use lawn chairs to hold parking spaces. As the city’s administrators crack down on this time-honored practice, its residents will need new techniques to find and hold parking spots. Driving and parking when the snow and sleet begins to accumulate is never easy in Chicago or anywhere else, and everyone can benefit from the top five tips for safe winter driving and parking in Chicago.

ParqEx: 5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving and Parking in Chicago

1. Your SUV is not impervious to snow and ice. You will feel more comfortable and safe in a large SUV or other large vehicle when you are driving in the snow, but many rear-drive vehicles have poor traction because most of their weight is distributed over the front axles, where the engine is located. If your vehicle is equipped with a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive system, use it to optimize your safety.

2. If you start to skid, turn your wheels counter to the direction of the skid. You probably heard this in driver’s ed, but you also probably never had a chance to practice it. The advice may be counter-intuitive, but if you do start to skid, do not hit the breaks. Instead, take your foot off the gas slowly and turn the wheel so your front wheels re-align themselves with the road. The car will slow gradually and straighten itself, allowing you to recover from the skid.

3. If you get stuck, rock the car back and forth and keep your front wheels straight. Most people know to rock the car, but they try to turn out of a snow pile at the same time as they rock the car. The car will free itself more readily if it goes straight ahead without trying to turn.

4. Don’t be a parking hog. When you do find a parking spot in the snow, use only one spot. Respect the other drivers’ desire to find their own parking spots. If you take two spots in order to leave yourself room to drive away, you will be lucky if the worst consequence is a nasty note on your windshield.

5. Use new technology to locate parking spots before you head out. New apps from companies like ParqEx will provide the convenience and security of available  parking in your desired location before you arrive. You can use the ParqEx app to reserve your spot before you leave your home, reducing at least one element of the stress you will experience when you head out into the Chicago winter.

Please contact us for additional tips on driving and parking in Chicago during the winter, and for more information on how our ParqEx app can help you find winter parking in Chicago.

ParqEx: Finding Parking in the West Loop

Locating Parking in the Chicago West Loop/Fulton Market Neighborhood

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The corridor between downtown Chicago and the United Center is experiencing rapid growth, with new restaurants, apartments and condo complexes, and businesses opening in the neighborhood every day. Until now, finding a place to eat hasn’t been as big a challenge as finding parking in the Chicago West Loop/Fulton Market neighborhood.ParqEx: Finding Parking in the West Loop

A new mobile phone app from Parqex is designed to connect residents who have parking with visitors who need parking. Assume, for example, that you have a resident permit and guest passes for on-street parking. When you are not using your allotted parking spot, the Parqex app will connect you with someone who temporarily needs and is willing to pay for your spot. The app handles all administrative and operational aspects of showing where parking is available and billing, collecting and forwarding parking fees.

If you are the neighborhood visitor, the Parqex app shows you every available parking spot on a real-time basis. You can pick a spot when you arrive in the neighborhood or reserve one ahead of time. This on-demand technology uses parking resources to the fullest capacity at all times and gives you a safe, secure, and well-lit location for you to park your car.

You can download the Parqex app and use it immediately to find parking in the West Loop and Fulton market neighborhoods, as well as in many other parts of Chicago as the company expands its services. Please contact us, or do a search for “Parqex” to find our app and to eliminate your West Loop/Fulton market parking headaches.

ParqEx: Tech Predictions of 2016

#tech2016: What are your tech predictions for 2016?

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Ringing in the New Year carries a lot of symbolism — saying goodbye to a year past, making resolutions and intentions for the year ahead, and peering deep into the murky depths of what the future might hold for you.

This brings us to #tech2016 — What are your tech predictions for 2016? Here are some particularly big ones we’re keeping our eyes on.

Space Flight

2016 is going to be a huge year for space. Between SpaceX’s Dragon V2 and their first manned mission, to World View Enterprises proposals for sub-orbital balloon flights, space is exploding in a big way. But what does this mean for non-space explorers? The private sector is flinging its doors open to developers, programmers, and dreamers who want to get humans out into space. Virgin Galactic alone has an impressive online posting of all the current jobs they’re looking for, proof that even without government funding or support, humanity will continue reaching for the stars — no matter what.

A.IParqEx: Tech Predictions of 2016

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you’re familiar with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it could mean for the human race. In 2008, IBM’s Watson took Jeopardy! by storm, arguably the pop-culture move that made AI seem truly tangible. But beating trivia geeks isn’t what AI will advance at — in 2016, we’ll see the beginnings of personal assistants, digital automation, and even smarter houses.

Some of the biggest leaps have come only recently — actual developments in machine learning, reasoning, and perception. AI systems are also getting better at probabilistic modeling, one of the trickier elements of AI. It’s something that the human mind is capable of, but which programming for is tricky — considering uncertainties then making the best possible decision. But AI gets closer every year — and 2016 is gonna be big.

Virtual Reality

At some point this year, someone has probably sent you a viral video of people sitting in an office chair with a giant black box strapped to their face, falling over themselves while they experience a roller coaster in virtual reality, or VR. Between the Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR, and HTCVive, consumer-grade VR is absolutely exploding — and those consumers are going to be pushing a demand for it in nearly every aspect of their lives that they can.

Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014, leading to many questions about what direction Oculus (and VR in general) would take. Palmer Luckey, the man who developed Oculus Rift, has said that “Virtual reality and augmented reality are going to end up using a lot of the same technologies and probably converge into the same hardware. And it will probably get to a point where it’s something you can wear all day everyday. That’s going to take a long time though“. Expect to see VR tools that help you interact with your desk at home or work (such as organizing and finding documents) or with your kitchen (like measuring food items).


The world of medicine is — slowly — opening up to some serious technological advances. Hospitals and private practices are understandably slow to jump onto some of the larger tech trains; for many, overcoming the privacy risks that can be associated with any kind of security hack are just too great.

But some of the technological advancements that are happening won’t violate HIPPA, and will help keep you healthy. There have already been developments with “x-ray pills” to help monitor and discover cancer of the bowels; health kiosks like higimicrochips that replace animals in clinical trials; and of course huge leaps in digital health records.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to learn more about how you can revolutionize your parking spot with ParqEx.

Prepare for New Year with ParqEx

Starting the New Year with ParqEx

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The New Year is typically a time where we focus on all the positives in life. The Holidays brought us closeness with family, the warmth of friends, and the simple pleasure of giving and receiving gifts. However, while we might not want to think about it, the New Year can also come with a unique set of stresses. The hustle and bustle persists as we still navigate huge crowds, begin our resolutions, and catch up with work and errands, all with the beginning of severely inclement weather. When combined with all the other stress that comes with the the New Year, finding the right parking spot can be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Fortunately, though, apps like ParqEx can help lower your stress, and keep you in a fresh, optimistic spirit.

Using Technology To Avoid Stress Before It Starts

Working smarter, not harder, is the key to getting enjoyment out of the holidays and Prepare for New Year with ParqExstarting to the New Year off prepared. Avoid the headaches and frustrations that come from tasks that could have been planned and completed ahead of time. For example, many people who wanted to find the perfect gift have turned to the Internet, instead of trying to shoulder their way through crowds at the mall. It’s easier, it’s convenient, and best of all it saves money while allowing them to get the ideal gifts for the special names on their lists.

ParqEx is like that, except it lets you use technology to reserve parking spaces.

The process is pretty simple. First, you download the app to your phone. Then, when you’re out and about, you use the app to find parking spaces in and around the area you’re going to. With a touch of the screen you can reserve your space, and pay for it. That way there’s no need to drive around the block for hours on end, or to crane your neck to see if there’s a sign for a parking lot somewhere near where you’re going. ParqEx does all the work for you.

Simple, Safe, and Cheap

ParqEx combines all the things you need in your New Years resolutions. It’s easy to use, it’s relatively inexpensive, and above all, it’s secure. The app takes up little space in terms of what’s available on most modern devices, and it’s constantly updated to make sure users have access to the most accurate selection possible.

In addition to the app growing and changing to provide more value to the users, though, programs like ParqEx are also changing the way parking rentals work as a whole. In the past, an owner of a private parking spot will list their parking on some generic website, building notice board etc. ParqEx is the private parking marketplace. Only ParqEx owners can list their private parking spot and renters can find the perfect parking spot – by the hour, daily, weekly or monthly. It’s like a match making service for parking rental.

Why Do Things The Hard Way?

Mobile technology has changed the way the world works, and sometimes those changes really are for the better. That’s why this January, it’s a good idea to step back, and update your game plan for the modern-day. Make convenience one of your resolutions this year. Book your plans, reservations, tickets, etc. in advance, and make your parking part of that booking, so that you can continue to experience the joys of the Holiday season and prepare yourself for a successful, stress-free New Year.

For more information about ParEex, and how it can save you time and money this New Year, simply contact us today!


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