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ParqEx: The Current State of the On Demand Marketplace

The On-Demand Marketplace Revolution

The on-demand marketplace is growing exponentially and is now a serious business. Companies around the country and around the world are disrupting traditional business models. Also known as the “sharing economy”, companies are using peer-to-peer models to instantly provide services using people’s spare resources. Whether those resources are a spare room, a spare moment to work…

ParqEx: 5 Trends of the Sharing Economy

5 Trends in the Sharing Economy

You’ve heard a lot about the sharing economy and have most likely used a range of services it offers, from Airbnb to TaskRabbit. You have probably also heard about changes, wrinkles and shifts in this emerging sector. Here are five trends in the sharing economy to watch out for. Trend 1: Blending of Corporate and Start-Up Cultures…