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Multifamily Amenities

7 Multifamily Amenities Your Complex Needs

If you are managing or developing a multi-family complex, you know that you have to compete for tenants with those multifamily amenities without undercutting other developments on rent. The solution to this is to offer high-quality amenities that will attract families and tenants, without breaking the bank. Here are seven great suggestions: 1. Parking Parking…

Smart Home Tech New Innovations

Smart Home Tech New Innovations

The world of smart home tech new innovations is becoming more and more advanced with devices from major tech companies arriving regularly on the market. The Internet of Things (IoT) means that practically every device can now include a computer chip and be connected to the internet. That allows far more automated actions, detection, and…

Amazon Alexa Smart Home Giveaway

ParqEx’s Amazing Alexa Smart Home Giveaway!

Smart homes are the single hottest home trend today, and the reason is no mystery. Smart homes are both delightful to use and incredibly useful. Each smart home is unique, built to provide for the specific needs of the residents. A well-developed smart home can perfectly accent the lives of the residents and make almost…