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Get Around with the Sharing Economy

Public transportation has always been an incredible bonus of living in a big city. After all, with the option of taking a bus or train, the need for owning and maintaining a pricey vehicle is eliminated. Additionally, finding affordable and convenient parking is no longer an issue when buses and/or trains are your main forms of…


Thank you, gener8tor

gener8tor is a nationally ranked startup accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. Twice a year the organization invests up to $140K in each of five startups who receive a concierge experience during their 12-week accelerator program. This summer, gener8tor invested in ParqEx, and we can not thank them enough for their vote of confidence and trust…

ParqEx: Who Wants the Sharing Economy?

Who Wants A Sharing Economy?

Is the concept of a sharing economy a solution to traffic congestion and downtown parking shortages in metropolitan areas? If automobiles and transportation become part of a shared economy model, will this also reduce less demand for parking lots and parking spaces? Will cities like Chicago and Los Angeles become easier to navigate and air quality improve?…