The Best Restaurants with Bacon

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Bacon has been one of the bedrocks of the American diet for centuries. It is a staple food that is featured on a majority of breakfast plates, if not also lunch and dinner menus. And the fad of bacon extends beyond meals. The image of bacon can be seen on posters or wallpaper. The smell of bacon can be found in candles and cologne. There are even bacon-based board games and bacon pillows. And for those who admire the food enough to decorate their home with it, finding the restaurants that serve it best is a must. Here are some of the best restaurants that have become known for their bacon:

1. Oink – Phoenix, AZ

Oink is a traditional American cafe that serves both breakfast and lunch in Phoenix, Arizona. The aspect of their menu that really makes Oink stand out is the fact that they have a range of bacons available to patrons. This family establishment offers bacon specialties ranging from sugar-cured or jalapeño to applewood smoked or a randomly selected chef’s choice. If you would like to get a sample of each type, a good menu choice is the pig platter’s Flight of Bacon. For those with a sweet tooth, the maple glazed bacon doughnuts or Oink french toast will leave you feeling satisfied. 


Oink’s legendary “Bacon Flight”

2. Saloon On Calhoun With Bacon – Brookfield, Wisconsin

This Brookfield, Wisconsin hotspot has technically been around since the 1980s, serving Sunday brunch and everyday dinner and late night snacks and beer. However, it was only in the last few years that they really took off and captured the nation’s attention. And all they did was add bacon to their menu—lots of bacon. They have got a phenomenal black pepper bacon rumaki or a more traditional BLT. And then there is their bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks and even their baconized deviled eggs. Pretty much everything on the menu comes with bacon integrated into it in some way or another. Oh, and any of these beer-featuring dishes goes great with something off Saloon On Calhoun’s massive beer menu. 

3. Kaiser Tiger – Chicago, Il

Kaiser Tiger has been added to Chicago’s long list of to-die-for restaurants. On weekends they open for lunch, but during the week they specialize in dinner and late-night snacks. And most of these dishes include bacon in them. Their 200-seat beer garden is a welcoming place to relax after work for a cold one and a delicious snack. Their most famous dish is a five-pound pork and beef sausage that is first stuffed with pepper bacon and then wrapped in brown sugar bacon. This dish is called ‘The Bomb’…for obvious reasons. If you want something a little lighter, you can opt for one of their BLTs or the bacon potato salad. And while you are waiting for food, feel free try out a little curling in the garden. 

4. Crown Candy Kitchen – St. Louis, MO

Crown Candy is a St. Louis special. Their most famous dish is their ‘heart-stopping BLT’, which has been rated as the best BLT in America—a pound of bacon squished between Texas toast, with a little tomato and lettuce to balance things out. What makes Crown Candy Kitchen a little different than the rest of this list is that they do not have a menu designed around bacon. In fact, they are more of an ice cream parlor that also happens to sell lunch and dinner options. This wider variety of menu options makes it a great place to go with a large group of people who are not necessarily obsessed with bacon and all the ways it can be used on a plate. 

Crown Candy Kitchen’s famous BLT

5. BarBacon – New York, NY

BarBacon is a gastropub in New York that will hit the spot at any time or day or night. Every single dish on the menu contains artisanal bacon sourced from American farms that know how to make this meat. The menu is not the thickest but it has a wide enough variety to make just about any diner happy. Patrons can choose from tacos, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and even bacon-coated desserts. And then there is the three-hour long happy hour special that happens all week for those who want to mix in a cold beer or bacon-infused cocktail. To get the full variety of artisanal bacon, it might be a good idea to start out with a tasting board or the beer and bacon flight.

BarBacon’s Bacon Flight

6. Diesel – Atlanta, GA

If you are in Atlanta, Diesel is a must-visit restaurant. For bacon lovers, the Death Muffin is the best choice. It is 1,500 calories of poached egg, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, english muffin, 2 pounds of Jimmy Dean sausage, and, of course, a bacon weave to top it off. This dinner restaurant and night spot has a long list of appetizers, burgers, hot dogs, and a few extras, many of which are sprinkled with a little, or a lot, of bacon. All of these dishes will go nicely with the wide variety of craft and domestic beers or cocktails.

7. Knife – Dallas, TX

Of course Texas has a bacon hotspot. It is in Dallas and it is a unique spin on a steakhouse. While they do serve traditional beef steaks, much of their menu is dedicated to pork. And the truly special aspect of this establishment is that they cure many of their bacon slices in-house, showcasing five varieties on a tasting board with Bacon Jam. For those who want a more traditional meal, the Bacon Jam sloppy joe or the Crispy Pig’s head are great options. If you visit Knife for dinner, stick around after to enjoy one of their signature cigar’s in their lounge.

8. Bacon Bacon – San Francisco, CA

And just as Texas must make the list, California needs a spot too. Bacon Bacon in San Francisco takes it. Initially, this restaurant was a simple food truck. Now, it has both food trucks and a brick and mortar location so that bacon lovers from around the city can fix their craving for breakfast or lunch. Their bacon bouquet is arguably their signature dish, which is simply perfectly cooked bacon presented like a bouquet of roses. For those who want more than pork on their plate, there is a variety of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and sides that are sure to satisfy. 

Bacon Bacon’s Bouquet of Bacon

9. Bad Decisions – Baltimore, MD

Bad Decisions calls Baltimore, Maryland home. They are a dinner spot that understands the needs and desires of bacon enthusiasts. The best way to describe this establishment is a dive bar that makes the perfect bar snacks. For those who really just go for the bacon, the basket of bacon with 10 strips will always please. There you can sample bacon wrapped plantains and dates or bacon topped sandwiches, fries, burgers and hotdogs. Just make sure to wash it all down with one of their signature drinks or tap beers. 

10. Borgne – New Orleans, LA

No bacon list would be complete without an establishment in New Orleans. Borgne takes dive bar favorites to a new level of luxury. Grab lunch or dinner at this beloved seafood spot and you will feel the comforts of home while dining in style. Many of their dishes are sea-based with a little bacon for some pizzaz. Try their oyster BLT with pork belly, Texas toast, and tobasco mayonnaise for a new twist on an old favorite or, another crowd pleaser are the duck poppers—essentially jalapeño poppers with bacon.

Duck Poppers

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