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Chicago Sports Update: Cubs Clinch NL Central

September 16th, 2016 Posted by Chicago Cubs, Chicago Events, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, Cubs, News & Events, NL Central, Parking, ParqEx, Playoffs No Comment yet

Our team at ParqEx is obsessed with parking, but we like other things, too; like when Chicago sports teams make the playoffs. Cardinals fans can plead the “1908” card, but for now, Chicagoans have something to celebrate: THE CUBS CLINCHED A PLAYOFF BIRTH!

While the main goal for the season has yet to be achieved, Cubs manager, Joe Maddon, wants his players to celebrate winning the National League Central Division. And why not? Just because you didn’t yet reach your end goal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate lesser accomplishments along the way; so pop the champagne, boys, you deserve it. And you do too, fan reading this blog, because you’ve devoted many hours to the 2016 regular season.

While the Cubs were hoping to clinch the division by beating Milwaukee last night at Wrigley Field, their comeback effort fell short, and W flags were not flown. Resale ticket values were off the charts before the game, with standing room only tickets selling for upwards of $100 and bleacher seats even more. Unfortunately, Cubs fans who bought tickets at inflated prices in hopes to see a huge Cubs celebration took the el train home feeling a bit unfulfilled. For good reason.

“It would have been wonderful to do that for the fans right there,” Maddon told ESPN. “We were unable to do so. That’s part of the uncontrollable nature of the game.”

But, it didn’t take long before the Cubs clinched the division. The Cardinals lost to the Giants on the west coast last night, which secured the Cubs division title. The Cubs plan to make-up for their lack of celebration last night by celebrating after this afternoon’s game at Wrigley Field. Bring your ponchos, Cubs fans; bubbly is likely to be sprayed into the stands. And knowing the energy, enthusiasm, and spirit of this Cubs team, there will be a lot of it.



If you’re planning on heading to a Cubs playoff game, make sure you download the ParqEx App for all your Wrigleyville parking needs.

ParqEx is a technology company that connects owners of private parking spots to people looking for parking. In urban areas where parking demand is high but available options are scarce or expensive, ParqEx makes additional supply available to the driving public by listing exclusive inventory owned by local residents and businesses.

Using ParqEx, parking owners are able to make some supplemental income from an underutilized asset while renters get access to exclusive inventory in more convenient and hard-to-park locations. The ParqEx support team ensures that the entire process of listing, reserving, parking, and paying is as smooth as possible for all involved.

Watch our short video to see the beauty of the ParqEx app!

Chicago Weekend Fun: Week of Sept. 12th

September 13th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Events, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, mobile app, music, News & Events, Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy, startup No Comment yet

Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about the weekend. If you’re reading this post, you made it through Monday, which is a victory in itself; congrats!

There are tons of fun events going on this weekend in Chicago and we’re going to make it easier for you to attend them. Not just because we’re listing them on this blog post, but once you get to the event, we’re going to help you park. Now you might be thinking something like, “How is this blog going to help me park?” or “Driving to a crowded event is something I will never ever do.” You’ll be surprised how easy we’re making parking.

Once you decide which of the events listed below you want to attend this weekend, download the ParqEx App on the App Store or Google Play for Android and simply plug in the address of or near the event you’ll be going to. From there, you’ll see all of our parking listings close to the event that you’ll be able to rent for the entire day. It’s easy, convenient, and affordable.

Now that you’re confident with your parking situation (“confident” and “parking” used to be an oxymoron, but not anymore) here’s a list of five events you should check out in Chicago this weekend:

1.) West Loop Art Fest (Sept 17-18)

Where? Washington Boulevard between Aberdeen and Halsted Streets

When? Saturday, September 17 from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday, September 18 from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Check out the work of over 150 selected artists from across the United States at this year’s West Loop Art Fest held in one of Chicago’s most exciting neighborhoods. There will also be lots of food available. And live music. It’s going to be a good time.

Parking in the West Loop used to be tough; not so much anymore. Reserve your spot for this weekend using ParqEx. You shouldn’t spend your weekends worrying about parking, and you won’t anymore.

2.) Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field

Watch your first place Chicago Cubs Thursday-Sunday at historic Wrigley Field as they face off against division rival, Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs will be returning home after a 9-game road trip, and will have the opportunity to clinch a playoff spot on home turf (dependent upon games Tuesday and Wednesday vs. St. Louis).

As you probably already know, parking in Wrigleyville is difficult, but we’re here to make it easier for you. Our private parking platform gives you access to parking spots you never had access to before. Check out our parking inventory by searching “Wrigley Field” on the ParqEx platform and reserve your spot. Don’t let parking get in the way of your Cubs game day experience.

3.) Lakeview Taco Fest

When? Sept 17-18 from 11am to 10pm

Where? On Southport Ave. between Addison and Roscoe

Let’s taco bout it. You can probably smell this festival already, and it probably smells damn good. Chicago’s hottest new festival is back for its fourth year. The glorious taco will again get the spotlight it has long deserved when the tortilla-wrapped fave is celebrated at this food and music festival that also kicks off the first official weekend of autumn.

Whether one prefers theirs with a hard or soft shell and filled with a meat, chicken, guacamole, fish or other imaginative ingredients, this September happening in the bustling Southport Corridor is a mega-hot addition to the Windy City’s food fest scene.

There will also be special beer and taco pairings, crowd-pleasing Mexican wrestlers, and visitors will be able to text vote for Chicago’s “Best Taco.” (Courtesy of ChicagoEvents)

ParqEx has lots of available parking spots near this festival. Visit our website or app to find yours.

4.) Midnight Circus in the Park – Wicker Park

When? Sept. 16, 17, 18

Friday @ 7pm
Saturday & Sunday @ 2pm & 5pm

Where? 1425 N Damen Ave. in Wicker Park

What: Midnight Circus in the Parks is a series of circus shows that are extremely entertaining and fun for the entire family. The organization is dedicated to building communities across Chicago and  have raised over $850,000 already for local park improvements through its Chicago tour events. You won’t want to miss out of these amazing circus shows that have a direct benefit to communities across Chicagoland.

Purchase your tickets by clicking here! 

Find parking in advance by using the ParqEx App or by checking out the ParqEx website.

 5.) Yoga and Wine Tasting at City Winery

Like yoga? Or wine? Well, you can have them both. Enjoy an evening that will strengthen the mind, body, soul, and taste buds!

Taking place in our Wine Garden, join Maria Rosner, a seasoned yoga intructor and wine aficionado for a 75 – minute yoga intruction followed by a wine tasting of City Winery wines.

About September 18th: Only two days after the full moon and a few days before the Autumnal Equinox; a very auspicious and transitional time to do yoga outside! (Courtesy of City Winery)

Purchase tickets here! 


Thanks for reading! Remember, all of your parking needs can be easily addressed with ParqEx. We’re here for you and for your community.








Chicago Weekend Picks (Sept. 9-11 Edition)

September 8th, 2016 Posted by blue man group, Car, Chicago Events, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, Feature, mobile app, music, News & Events, Parking, ParqEx, promotions, sharing economy, she'd aquarium, startup, theater No Comment yet


Living in Chicago can be overwhelming. Actually, let’s rephrase that: living in Chicago IS overwhelming – a good kind of overwhelming. Why? Because there are so many things going on ALL THE TIME. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re anything like me, your weekend is impacted by the phenomena known as FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re new to the FOMO term, here’s a definition: a form of social anxiety – a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites. You’ve probably felt this before, some more than others, but we can all agree that it’s a BAD feeling.

FOMO is never going to fully subside, but it can be treated and prevented. The folks here at ParqEx want to help you experience Chicago the way it should be experienced, without unnecessary amounts of FOMO. Plain and simple, we want to make your life better, easier, and more fun. That’s why we will be writing a post every week with fun things to do every weekend.

We’ll suggest events for you to attend and will make your life easier by helping you park nearby at affordable rates. Don’t miss another event just because you didn’t know it was happening.

Here are our suggestions for events you should seek out this weekend (9.9-9.11):

1.) Blue Man Group


Blue Man Group is pretty awesome. If you’ve never been, you must go. It combines technology, comedy, art, music, vaudeville and much more into one performance and it’s fun for the entire family.

Click here to see a little preview of the performance you’ll see, hear, feel, and if you’re close to the stage, possibly even touch!

Head to the Briar Street Theater this Friday, Saturday or Sunday to be a part of the action. For tickets, click here.

For parking, search “Briar Street Theater” on the ParqEx app or website!

Blue Man Group drums on buckets lined with paint, creating cool visuals.

2.) Amphibians at the Shedd Aquarium


Get the chance to see over 40 species of frogs, salamanders and caecilians at the Shedd Aquarium this weekend. Whether you’re trying to impress a date with your knowledge of the amphibious populations OR wanting to take the whole family to a fun exhibit, make sure you check out the giant 4 foot salamander; one of the largest in the world!

Find out more about the event and purchase tickets here!

And remember, you’re going to need to park. Find a spot on the ParqEx app or website!


3.) The Annoyance Theatre and Bar – Comedy Club


Share some laughs and drink some drinks (don’t share your drinks) this weekend at The Annoyance Theatre. For 25 years, this theatre has been producing some of Chicago’s best comedy shows. The Annoyance uses improvisation to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedy and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere.

Learn more about events at The Annoyance Theatre Here!


4.) Brick by Brick at the Museum of Science and Industry


This 7,000-square-foot exhibit, developed and created by MSI, will feature a spectacular collection of more than a dozen giant LEGO®-built structures of engineering marvels, including a 60-foot long Golden Gate Bridge, the International Space Station, St. Louis Gateway Arch, Hoover Dam, Roman Coliseum, and more, constructed by LEGO® Certified Professional and Chicago native, Adam Reed Tucker. These formations will be paired with hands-on building challenges that reinforce key principles of engineering, construction and architecture-and encourage creativity.

Throughout the exhibit, guests will learn how architects and engineers push the limits of design, materials and location to make the seemingly impossible, possible; witness how form follows function; learn how building beautifully uplifts us all; and explore Chicago’s impact as the birthplace of the skyscraper.

(Information courtesy of Choose Chicago)

Purchase your tickets for the exhibit here! 


5.) World Music Festival Chicago


Love music? Hear the tunes of artists from all over the world at the World Music Festival this weekend! Enjoy global grooves by award-winning artists from around the world at the free, city-wide, multi-venue World Music Festival Chicago. This year’s festival will feature over 60 artists from 25 countries at 20 venues over eleven days!  (Choose Chicago)

Learn more about the 18th Annual World Music Festival Chicago here! 


Thanks for reading! Your friends at ParqEx want you to have fun this weekend. Make sure you check out our available parking spots on the ParqEx App or on the website here. Rent a spot hourly, daily, weekly or monthly! AVOID FOMO.




parqex techweek

Meet the 5 Startups Crowned Finalists of Chicago’s Techweek Launch Competition

June 27th, 2016 Posted by Chicago Events, News & Events, Parking, startup No Comment yet

Techweek Chicago, the annual tech mega-event that takes place every summer, wrapped-up Friday afternoon with its regional Launch competition. Out of 60 Chicago and national startups who were selected to present their companies at Thursday’s Launch expo, 5 companies were selected as finalists to participate in a tech showdown for the ages. A representative from each company had 5 minutes to pitch their startup to an esteemed panel of judges who would ultimately choose the winner. After impressive presentations from all companies, Atlanta-based Aces Health took home first place, winning a trip to Miami to compete for $50,000 at the national Launch competition in December.


ParqEx Techweek

Beating out hundreds of applicants, meet the 5 fast-growing startups crowned finalists of Chicago’s Techweek Launch competition:


  • Aces Health – Smarter Tools for Healthcare (Winner)

Atlanta-based Aces Health is a healthcare tech startup that develops products for the industry’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The company’s platform aims to save time and money in the clinical research phase of drug development, reducing overall costs of new drug delivery and making medicines more accessible to patients.

  • Schlep – On Demand Delivery Teams (Runner-up)

Schlep is a friendly and secure marketplace for people to link up and get stuff moved. Specializing in the hauling and delivery of large, heavy, and awkward items. Schlep helps individuals and businesses get stuff moved by connecting them to their vetted neighbor with a truck.

  • ParqEx  – The Private Parking Marketplace

ParqEx connects owners of under-utilized parking spots to people in need of a place to park. By using ParqEx, parking owners are able to make some supplemental income while drivers find more convenient and often less expensive parking options in hard-to-park locations.

  • ShurpaLast Mile Delivery

Shurpa allows brands’ end customers to schedule parcel delivery in a one-hour window, during evening hours, when they’re actually home from work.

MailControl automatically detects the presence of tracking code in all incoming emails, assess and report the risk level, and disables external tracking code before they arrive in the user’s inbox. This is all done at server side so end users become protected without needing to install anything and can send and receive emails on any device or app without changing behavior.

ParqEx News & Events: Find us at the Taste of Randolph 2016

June 15th, 2016 Posted by Chicago Events, Chicago Travel Tips, News & Events, Parking No Comment yet

ParqEx In The News

Come say hello at the Taste of Randolph this weekend!


June 17-19, 900 W. Randolph Street

What better way to spend Father’s Day than at the Taste of Randolph street festival? The ParqEx team is going to be there with our brand new tent AND we’re one of the event sponsors! (Hint: Stop by and we might have goodies for you!)

Commemorating the iconic street festival’s 20th Anniversary, Star Events and WLCO will bring together the biggest and brightest names in Chicago dining, featuring over 20 restaurants exemplary for delectable menus and irresistibly unique flavors. Sample the food to the sounds of the nation’s hottest up-and-coming bands and musicians, as well as the biggest names in Chicago house music, performing on two stages and a DJ stage.

Taste of Randolph benefits the West Loop Community Organization, which has been advocating for the West Loop neighborhood since 1991, supporting local businesses and economic development.

For event info, hours, and schedule, click here.

Here are some private parking spots right by the Taste of Randolph for you to rent!

See one you like? Book it now and park like a VIP before it’s gone!
Just click on the spot you want.

There are plenty more private parking spots available around the event. To browse yourself, just click the button!
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ParqEx Launches Access+

Open any garage door or gate with the ParqEx app!

Parking spot owners can rent their private parking spots that are behind garage doors or a gate without requiring to hand over the transponder / FOB. When the parking spot is rented, for the duration of the rental, the renter will be able to access the parking spot.

Looking for secure parking? You can now rent exclusive private parking in secure residential buildings, gated residences, private lots and more. Once you rent, you dont need a FOB to access the parking spot any more. Simply click the garage door opener button in the app to open the gate or garage door to access your secure private parking spot.

To learn more, click here.

ParqEx Joins Lakeview Chamber of Commerce


The latest in a growing membership

We are proud to announce that we are now members of several chambers of commerce, most recently joining Lakeview Chamber of Commerce.

The Lakeview Chamber’s service area is from Diversey on the South, to Irving Park Rd. on the North, and Ravenswood on the West, to Racine on the East.

To learn more, click here.

ParqEx Launches Initiative to Improve Parking in West Loop


Joins West Loop Community Organization

If you haven’t heard yet, ParqEx will work with fellow members of the community group to augment parking supply while benefitting local residents and businesses

Over the past several years Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, which was largely industrial or residential in nature in the past, has seen a massive surge in all types of development – including commercial and retail. New big name tenants like Google, who recently opened their latest Chicago office for over 500 employees there, and trendy hotels and restaurants, have made the West Loop one of the hottest areas in town. However, those establishments have also brought many more commuters and visitors to the neighborhood without sizable increases in parking to accommodate them. The result has been mounting frustration with the scarcity of parking options available to meet all the growth.

The ParqEx platform replaces traditional methods of listing parking — To read the full article, visit

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