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Peer-to-Peer Services Can Reach $335 Billion

Sharing is not a new concept. The idea of individuals sharing with one another in order to ensure everyone has enough has been around for centuries. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, people became so wrapped up in corporations, big business, and making money that they all but forgot the once-prevalent act of sharing with neighbors,…

May events in Chicago

Top 10 May Events in Chicago

As the month of May rolls into Chicago we know summer is not far behind. Plus, there are a ton of great events in the city that really bring the summer atmosphere home. Let’s take a look at 10 of the premiere local events happening in Chicago during the month of May:

11 Surprising Benefits of A Coworking Space

  Coworking spaces are for those who think outside of the box and do not want to be confined to a traditional cubicle-style office. There are countless benefits of working in a shared space, namely great networking resources. Check out this article by the Huffington Post about the benefits of being in a coworking space.