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ParqEx - Summer Getaways around Chicago FI

Summer Getaways Around Chicago: Head North to Wisconsin

August 17th, 2017 Posted by Chicago, Parking, ParqEx, startup, Technology No Comment yet

Chicago is an amazing city, but sometimes you just want to get away for a while. Within a few hours, you can drive to two fantastic cities: Madison and Milwaukee. It’s about a two and a half hour drive to Madison, and Milwaukee is an hour closer. Whether you decide to take a day trip, or stay for the weekend, both cities offer fun activities, cultural opportunities, delicious dining, and unique shopping.


ParqEx - The IoT Tech Suite every airbnb host should consider

The IoT Tech Suite Every AirBnb Host Should Consider

August 10th, 2017 Posted by AirBnB, Airbnb of Parking, Parking, sharing economy, Smart Parking, startup, Technology No Comment yet

The sharing economy is an fantastic trend that allows normal people to make money by helping each other. With opportunities ranging from peer-to-peer parking to whole-house rentals, everyone is pitching in with ways to pool resources and make the most of our increasingly crowded environments.


ParqEx - The Future of Parking is All About You

The Future of Parking is All About You

August 3rd, 2017 Posted by Car, mobile app, Parking, parking spots, ParqEx, startup, Technology No Comment yet

Innovative auto companies are manufacturing cars that park themselves, but what about cars that find their own spots? Wouldn’t that be an innovative way to solve street parking frustrations? Currently apps alert drivers to available spots but if engineers, urban architects and developers get their way those apps will only be part of an entirely automated parking ecosystem. Here are a few ways urban centers of the future will make the most out of available parking space so that you don’t have to circle the block.


Follow up from ParqEx on Chicago Parking Study

Follow up from ParqEx on Chicago Parking Study

July 13th, 2017 Posted by Chicago, Chicago Travel Tips, Parking, startup, Technology No Comment yet

Do you feel like you’re spending a fortune parking your car in Chicago? Do you feel like you are wasting half of your life and tanks of gas looking for parking spots in Chicago?

Guess what? You’re not alone.


ParqEx: ParqEx: 3 New "Internet of Things" Technologies in Chicago

3 New “Internet of Things” Technologies in Chicago

July 6th, 2017 Posted by mobile app, Parking, sharing economy, Technology No Comment yet

In recent years, Chicago has begun making a name for itself as a hub for new “internet of things” (IoT) technologies. One after another, new IoT technologies continue to emerge from the Windy City, and because of this, we can honestly say that this is an exciting time to be alive.


Chicago tech neighborhood guide: Fulton Market challenges River North’s startup supremacy

May 12th, 2017 Posted by Parking, ParqEx, startup, Technology No Comment yet

Photo: Fulton Market at night. Click this link to read this Built in Chicago article about Chicago’s startup supremacy.

There is never a dull moment in the world of technology as emerging companies continue to offer new products left and right.

From Uber, to Airbnb, to Tesla, new innovations are created each and every day, all across the United States.


driverless cars

The Evolution of Parking in a World of Driverless Cars

April 26th, 2017 Posted by Parking, Technology No Comment yet

It’s been difficult to read or watch the news in the past year without being aware of the rise of driverless cars. Car and tech giants from Uber and Google to Tesla and Ford have identified self-driving vehicles as the next logical step in the industry, and are investing billions of dollars to plan accordingly.


College Recruiter Feature: Account Executive Mac Anderson

April 26th, 2017 Posted by Parking, ParqEx, startup, Technology No Comment yet

Read this collegerecruiter article which mentions ParqEx’s own Mac Anderson and considers the importance of an entry-level sales job in the 2017 job market.

Entry-level sales jobs present a great opportunity for recent college grads to learn professional skills that last a lifetime. And below, a variety of entry-level sales professionals, as well as business owners and sales executives with experience at companies like Google, IBM, AOL, and Dell Computers, talk about the unique and life-long skills developed through an entry-level sales job. Here is what every recent college grad needs to know to succeed in a career in sales:


There’s no scarcity of parking spaces – what’s lacking is sharing

April 1st, 2017 Posted by Airbnb of Parking, Parking Apps, ParqEx, startup, Technology No Comment yet

Apps including ParqEx show that there’s revenue in renting out private parking spaces—and urban planners like it

Take a look at this MarketWatch article discussing the future of the sharing economy while at the considering solutions to current problems.



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