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How Parents Can Save Time, Energy and Money using the Sharing Economy

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If you’re a parent, you know just how much work goes into raising a little one. From diapers and bottles to ballet class and sports practice, there is a lot of stress involved in the process. Fortunately, all of the work is well worth the multitude of snuggles and kisses a parent receives in return.

Still, it is nice to have help once in awhile. Luckily, parents now have access to a number of amazing services and products out there which help navigate the ins and outs of putting out a kind and upstanding member of society. Some of the best of these services can be found within the sharing economy circle.

Want to learn more about how the sharing economy can make your life as a parent a bit less stressful? Read on to learn about our favorite parent-friendly businesses that are a part of the growing sharing economy.

1.) Ride Sharing

Bringing a kid along on public transportation is not impossible, but it isn’t always easy either. This becomes even more true when you find yourself lugging two or three kids along.

This is where ride-sharing services can step in to help. Services such as Uber and Lyft help you get where you need to go without the need for riding a bus or train. This can be lifesaver for new parents or those caring for more than one child at a time. Best of all, Uber offers an option for a pre-installed car seat in some cities, making the whole process an absolute breeze.

2.) Book parking in advance – and closer to your destination

Speaking of getting around town with kids, sometimes it isn’t the transportation that’s the problem, but rather the parking. If you are a person who prefers to drive their own vehicle, but often has trouble finding parking spots that are close enough for young children to walk to and from, you may find parking sharing services such as ParqEx helpful.

ParqEx gives customers the opportunity to rent parking spots from locals, making it easy to find a convenient place to park, no matter where you are headed. You can find parking or list parking in seconds using the ParqEx app or website – and save time, energy and money.

3.) Baby Gear Borrowing

Okay, so obviously you want to own your own stroller and highchair. However, if there is a particular big item you want to try before you buy, or if you want to rent a stroller once you arrive at a vacation destination, peer-to-peer baby gear rental is an amazing resource. The new company goBaby provides an easy way to rent baby gear from individuals for a reasonable price, making it perfect for all parents.

4.) Make Use of Old

Very rarely do babies and toddlers wear out their clothing before outgrowing it, and honestly, older kids don’t often get full use out of their tiny wardrobes. Therefore, it just makes sense to sell those lightly used clothes and buy some bigger, almost-new items in exchange. Luckily, companies such as thredUp make this possible and as simple as can be.

5.) To-Do List Helpers

Let’s face it, there is no way any parent could ever reach the end of their to-do list. From household chores to expectations from the kid’s school, there are just too many things to keep up with.

That said, the sharing economy can help a busy mom or dad check off a few extra items. Businesses such as TaskRabbit offer personal assistant services, making them accessible to the average joe. This could be a game changer for those parents who feel they are drowning in errands and chores.

6.) Sitter Trade-Off

Occasionally, you just need a few minutes to get some work done or eat in peace, and SittingAround gives you just that. In return, you simply offer other parents the same little bit of sanity. Babysitter co-ops like these are a growing trend that we think makes perfect sense.

7.) Are you a parent to a dog, too? 

Sometimes parents have so much on their plates that walking the dog becomes a huge hassle. Wag! makes dog ownership easier by connecting dog owners with dog lovers in their community. With this sharing economy app, dog owners can hire dog lovers on-demand for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding services 7-days a week. It’s like Uber for dog-walkers!

8.) Have a “Schlepper” Help You Move

Need to move a couch but need to go to your kid’s soccer game instead? Schlep is an on-demand moving service that allows customers to book a “schlepper” to help you move things from point A to point B. Simply book a moving date and time, tell the schlepper where the item(s) is and where it’s going and allow the schleppers to save you time.

Want to learn more about how you can make good use of the sharing economy as a parent? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us today.

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