How to find a spot

Need a place to park? Get access to our exclusive private parking inventory in seconds. Here’s how easy it is…

Step 1 - How to list a spot



Your parking needs

Choose “Find a spot.” Enter your arrival date and time and your departure date and time for when you need a spot, as well as an address that you’d like to find parking near. You can park hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Step 2 - How to list a spot



Find your perfect spot

The ParqEx app will show you a list of all the spots that meet your criteria, starting with the closest spots to your preferred destination. If you are a more visual person, toggle the “map” view to see your search results plotted on the fully interactive map.

Step 3 - How to list a spot



Choose your spot

Tap on the listing for the spot you wish to rent. Here, you can review details, photos, and community-based reviews for the spot. If you have more questions about the spot, you can contact the owner directly. If you’re ready to rent, tap the “book it” button.

Step 4 - How to list a spot



Book your spot!

If this is your first booking on ParqEx, you will need to enter in vehicle and payment information, which will be saved as your default. Confirm your order details on the next screen, and your parking spot is booked! You just found the perfect parking spot without having to leave your seat.

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