How to list your spot

Put your unused parking spot to work for you and the community. List by the hour, day, week or month – it’s up to you. Here’s how easy it is to list…

Step 1 - How to list a spot



Listing a spot

Choose ‘Manage parking’ from the left hand menu. You may use this page to manage your properties once you’ve created one or more.

Tap the ‘List a parking spot’ button to create your rental.

Step 2 - How to list a spot



Address & Descriptors

Enter in the address of the parking space that you would like to rent out, as well as the property type, then click onto the spot page.

On the spot page you can include all of the details of the spot. Things like good pictures, excellent descriptions of the area, and in/out instructions greatly increase the chance of a spot being rented.

Step 3 - How to list a spot



Set spot availability

On the ‘Create your listing’ page, you may enter in the periods and rates you would like to charge for your spot.

Not sure what to charge? Upon selecting an option, average prices in the area will show, giving you a look into what you can earn.

Step 4 - How to list a spot



Publish your spot!

Hit ‘next’, and your spot is officially available to rent! The app will alert you when a renter requests your spot and you can view and manage all of your transactions from the in-app dashboard.

To see what your listing looks like, you can tap the ‘see your live listing’ button or ‘go to manage parking’. You may also share your listing with others through Facebook or email via the bottom of the page.

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