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There is one, remaining, untapped parking repository— privately owned spots. Remaining, that is, until now. If you own a parking spot, you can list it for others to rent during the days or times you aren’t using it. It’s secure, hands-off, and easy income! Need somewhere to park? Access our exclusive inventory of private parking spots. Find it, book it, reserve it. When it’s time to arrive at your destination, relax knowing your spot is waiting for you. Or, book for your guests and transfer the spot to them in a tap. Even access the garage opener, right from the ParqEx app.

With ParqEx, parking isn’t just a whole lot easier, it can also be lucrative.
See how ParqEx is revolutionizing parking, with assets already sitting in wait.

The Key Benefits

The ultimate solution

Eliminate time spent searching for parking spots and garage entry/exit trouble.

Earn additional revenue

Rent your spot out when you aren’t using it on the ParqEx Marketplace and earn additional income.

Satisfaction, for all

Arrive stress-free when parking spots are reserved in advance. Reserve for guests with GuestParq.

The Technology

The Private Parking Marketplace

Start earning easy, additional income by listing your parking spot during the days or times you aren’t using it. Need a parking spot and want to avoid the headaches of searching for parking? Access our exclusive inventory of private parking spots and reserve it ahead of time— just arrive and park!

Access Plus Condos & HOA Parking Solution
Access Plus Condos and HOA parking

Managing your doors, garage, gates, & access points just got a lot easier.

With the Access+ by ParqEx, residents and approved visitors can open any electronic door, garage door, gate elevators and more from their smartphones. No more fumbling with fobs and key cards. Have a guest coming? Provide them app access or tap them in when they arrive without leaving your couch.

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GuestParq parking solutions Condos and HOAs

Guest parking solution

GuestParq​ ​by​ ​ParqEx eliminates the hassle of managing visitors and makes your guests’ lives easier when they arrive. Now, you can reserve parking spots for your guests, which means their spot will be waiting for them when they arrive on the property. GuestParq also improves security for residents and their guests.

GuestParq Condos & HOA Parking Solution


feature parking management technology

Parking management technology

Control the number, availability, and price of your guest parking spaces. Allow residents to make their spaces available, or do it for them.

feature garage door opener

Digital garage door opener

Provide guests secure parking access during their stay without giving a physical item with Access+.

feature guest parking

Guest parking made easy

GuestParq allows residents to transfer parking passes to guests prior to their arrival.

feature simpler access management

Simpler access management

No need for decals or QR code readers (but we still support decal and QR readers if you want them).

feature parking enforcement tools

Real-time enforcement tools

See exactly which vehicle should be in which spot and when, plus which resident the car is associated with.

feature paperless ticketing

Paperless ticketing system

Enforcer app lets you manage repeat parking violators without paper tickets (although we support printed tickets if you want them).

feature secure parking technology

Secure, always-on technology

ParqEx technology is cloud-hosted for the highest performance, security, and reliability.

feature cross-platform convenience

Cross-platform convenience

ParqEx technology is seamless across platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android, Windows, & more.


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“I’ve made so much extra income without ever having to lift a finger after listing my parking on ParqEx. Easy money, and I never even have to interact with the drivers!”


-Mia W.