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4 Ways the Sharing Economy Helps the Environment

June 8th, 2017 Posted by environment, sharing economy No Comment yet

By now, we’ve all heard just how terrible our lifestyles are for the earth. Resources are being used at an alarming rate, and the emissions we put into the air through the use of vehicles and factories are downright deadly. 

One way you can help create a greener planet and a brighter future for all is to turn to the sharing economy. The sharing economy offers a number of environmental benefits, making the peer-to-peer marketplace the ideal place to shop and sell.


Chicago Weekend Picks (Sept. 9-11 Edition)

September 8th, 2016 Posted by blue man group, Car, Chicago Events, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, Feature, mobile app, music, News & Events, Parking, ParqEx, promotions, sharing economy, she'd aquarium, startup, theater No Comment yet


Living in Chicago can be overwhelming. Actually, let’s rephrase that: living in Chicago IS overwhelming – a good kind of overwhelming. Why? Because there are so many things going on ALL THE TIME. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re anything like me, your weekend is impacted by the phenomena known as FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re new to the FOMO term, here’s a definition: a form of social anxiety – a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites. You’ve probably felt this before, some more than others, but we can all agree that it’s a BAD feeling.

FOMO is never going to fully subside, but it can be treated and prevented. The folks here at ParqEx want to help you experience Chicago the way it should be experienced, without unnecessary amounts of FOMO. Plain and simple, we want to make your life better, easier, and more fun. That’s why we will be writing a post every week with fun things to do every weekend.

We’ll suggest events for you to attend and will make your life easier by helping you park nearby at affordable rates. Don’t miss another event just because you didn’t know it was happening.

Here are our suggestions for events you should seek out this weekend (9.9-9.11):

1.) Blue Man Group


Blue Man Group is pretty awesome. If you’ve never been, you must go. It combines technology, comedy, art, music, vaudeville and much more into one performance and it’s fun for the entire family.

Click here to see a little preview of the performance you’ll see, hear, feel, and if you’re close to the stage, possibly even touch!

Head to the Briar Street Theater this Friday, Saturday or Sunday to be a part of the action. For tickets, click here.

For parking, search “Briar Street Theater” on the ParqEx app or website!

Blue Man Group drums on buckets lined with paint, creating cool visuals.

2.) Amphibians at the Shedd Aquarium


Get the chance to see over 40 species of frogs, salamanders and caecilians at the Shedd Aquarium this weekend. Whether you’re trying to impress a date with your knowledge of the amphibious populations OR wanting to take the whole family to a fun exhibit, make sure you check out the giant 4 foot salamander; one of the largest in the world!

Find out more about the event and purchase tickets here!

And remember, you’re going to need to park. Find a spot on the ParqEx app or website!


3.) The Annoyance Theatre and Bar – Comedy Club


Share some laughs and drink some drinks (don’t share your drinks) this weekend at The Annoyance Theatre. For 25 years, this theatre has been producing some of Chicago’s best comedy shows. The Annoyance uses improvisation to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedy and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere.

Learn more about events at The Annoyance Theatre Here!


4.) Brick by Brick at the Museum of Science and Industry


This 7,000-square-foot exhibit, developed and created by MSI, will feature a spectacular collection of more than a dozen giant LEGO®-built structures of engineering marvels, including a 60-foot long Golden Gate Bridge, the International Space Station, St. Louis Gateway Arch, Hoover Dam, Roman Coliseum, and more, constructed by LEGO® Certified Professional and Chicago native, Adam Reed Tucker. These formations will be paired with hands-on building challenges that reinforce key principles of engineering, construction and architecture-and encourage creativity.

Throughout the exhibit, guests will learn how architects and engineers push the limits of design, materials and location to make the seemingly impossible, possible; witness how form follows function; learn how building beautifully uplifts us all; and explore Chicago’s impact as the birthplace of the skyscraper.

(Information courtesy of Choose Chicago)

Purchase your tickets for the exhibit here! 


5.) World Music Festival Chicago


Love music? Hear the tunes of artists from all over the world at the World Music Festival this weekend! Enjoy global grooves by award-winning artists from around the world at the free, city-wide, multi-venue World Music Festival Chicago. This year’s festival will feature over 60 artists from 25 countries at 20 venues over eleven days!  (Choose Chicago)

Learn more about the 18th Annual World Music Festival Chicago here! 


Thanks for reading! Your friends at ParqEx want you to have fun this weekend. Make sure you check out our available parking spots on the ParqEx App or on the website here. Rent a spot hourly, daily, weekly or monthly! AVOID FOMO.




ParqEx: Top 10 Chicago Events

Top 10 Upcoming Chicago Events

June 30th, 2016 Posted by Chicago Events, Chicago Travel Tips, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Chicago is a beautiful city that offers many exciting events to its residents. Naturally, the hot months of summer are the best ones to catch some of the best events in the city. However, there are so many events taking place, it is easy to miss some of the best ones. To help you with this problem, we have developed a list of the top 10 upcoming Chicago events you should definitely check out.

ParqEx: Top 10 Chicago Events

1. South Loop Concerts

In the month of July, South Loop has a couple of fantastic concerts. On July 1st and 3rd, Guns N’ Roses is coming to town. They will take the stage on Soldier Field. Coldplay will also be playing on Soldier Field, later in the month on July 23rd and 24th.

2. Ravinia

Ravinia is a series of concerts that will be taking place throughout the entire summer. Every day a fantastic artist will perform. For example, Paul Simon will perform on June 18th and Patty LaBelle will take the stage on June 23rd.

3. Windy City LakeShake

For the country music fan, the Windy City LakeShake is an event you won’t want to miss. It takes place over the course of three days, June 17-19. Some of the top country artists will perform, including Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum and Jason Aldean.

4. Taste of Chicago

This outdoor food festival is one of the best in the nation. Along with foods that are unique to Chicago, you can enjoy live entertainment and fun activities every member of the family can enjoy.

5. Ruido Fest

Ruido Fest takes place July 8-10 at Addams/Medill Park. It is an Alternative-Latin festival that focuses on Spanish style reggae, hip-hop, electronic and a number of other music genres. Several popular artists will be taking the stage during this festival.

6. Pitchfork

Pitchfork is currently celebrating its 11th year. It is an internationally recognized festival that features over 40 fantastic bands. The festival takes place over the course of three days and is intended to highlight Chicago’s emerging music scene. This year’s festival will take place from July 15th through July 17th.

7. Chicago Open Air

One of the best things to enjoy at Chicago Open Air is the fantastic food options. Along with this, attendees have the opportunity to see some of the biggest names in the alternative music industry. For example, Korn, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot will all be performing during this festival. It takes place July 15-17 at Toyota Park, Bridgeview.

8. Millennium Park Summer Film Series

This is a great event to attend for those who are looking to enjoy a movie and a picnic dinner. Along with this event, Millennium Park offers a number of other summer events, like concerts, exhibits and even nature programs.

9. 20th Annual Chicago SummerDance

SummerDance is the largest outdoor dance series in the nation. Whether you love cha-cha, waltz, swing or another type of dance, you will be able to enjoy it here. The program takes place from June 24th through September 11th and offers live music and hour-long dance lessons.

10. Windy City Ribfest

Along with some great ribs, the Windy City Ribfest event offers live music, crafts and other vendors. The entrance fee is free, but there is a suggested donation price of $5 for those attending. This year, the festival will take place over the 4th of July weekend.

When you do make the choice to attend these events, make sure you plan your parking in advance. ParqEx has partnered with Bucktown/Wicker Park for some of these fabulous events and also services neighborhoods, such as South Loop, Ravenswood, Lake View, and many others that hold these fabulous events. With our assistance, you will always be able to find adequate parking so that you can enjoy everything your event has to offer.

To learn more about easy parking for attending events in the Chicago area, contact us today.

How ParqEx Uses the Sharing Economy to Get You What You Need

How ParqEx Uses the Collaborative Economy to Get You What You Need

May 12th, 2016 Posted by Community, Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy No Comment yet

Unless you work in the world of technology, you probably haven’t heard these terms before, but they are doing more for you than you realize. If you do business with companies like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Kickstarter, or, of course, ParqEx, then you’ve been working with these concepts for a long time. You don’t necessarily need to understand them in order for them to work for you, but knowing what’s under the shell can help you appreciate how truly amazing the technological world we live in really is. Let’s talk a little more about the collaborative economy.

How ParqEx Uses the Sharing Economy to Get You What You Need

What is the collaborative economy?

The collaborative economy, also known as the sharing economy, is not new, but it has definitely been growing recently. In this type of economy, the lines between consumer and provider become blurred. Goods and services are shared between peers, to achieve mutual benefit. For example, instead of two people renting their own two-bedroom apartment, they can share one. They each get what they need, but at half the price they would have paid otherwise. Or, if two people only need a parking spot for half of the day, instead of each renting an entire spot, they can share one, only paying half of the price.

The collaborative economy can also connect two or more consumers, allowing them to provide products and services to each other, which at one time were only provided by large companies.

These are the basics of a collaborative economy, but there is so much more to it, and the possibilities are endless.

The power of smart phones

Although smart phones are not a requirement for the collaborative economy to work, they are definitely a big part of what makes it so efficient. Smart phones make it possible to participate in the collaborative economy at any time. Without them, you could still participate in auctions like eBay, or find a loan through Lending Club on a computer, but the smart phone makes it possible to book a night through AirBnB, even after arriving in the city, or find a parking spot for the big game, even when you’re halfway there.

When companies get involved

Even though the collaborative economy is based heavily on consumers, there is still a place for businesses. Generally, these companies facilitate the connection and communication between the consumers, or establish trust. For example, eBay, as well as many other apps, helps people who are trying to sell things to connect with those that are looking for something. AirBnB does not provide places to stay. Instead, they offer reviews and background checks on the individuals who do, creating a sense of trust between users.

Making use of idle resources

The collaborative economy is all about using resources to the fullest, rather than wasting them. In order to do that, it helps consumers share the resources that they already have with those that would have otherwise bought their own. Eliminating unused resources indirectly eliminates the unnecessary purchase of new resources, which helps everyone involved save money. In most cases, it is also good for the world in general. For example, buying used items online prevents new ones from being produced, and sharing parking spaces means that fewer green areas have to be paved over.


The collaborative economy is growing rapidly. As it grows, more people learn about what it can do, and more people come to trust it, which leads to even more technology advances, and the people who find new uses for it help it to become even stronger.

Are you interested in learning more about how the collaborative economy is solving problems? Contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, and even help you get involved.

ParqEx: The 3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Visit this Spring

The 3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Visit this Spring

March 17th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Are you thinking about making a trip to the Windy City? Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and is known for its fine restaurants, art museums and bold architecture. Here are some fun and interesting attractions in three Chicago neighborhoods to visit this spring along with our suggestions on how to find great downtown parking.

ParqEx: The 3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Visit this Spring

West Loop

The West Loop used to be home to the Oprah Winfrey studios and is now considered one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city. Some of the best restaurants, retail shops and bars are located in this section of Chicago. Union Station, Randolph Street Market Festival and the Chicago French Market are three famous attractions you can visit in this neighborhood.

Union Station

Many people imagine Union Station when they think of Chicago. This classic landmark opened in 1925 as a replacement for an 1881 train station. While you explore the station, take your time and enjoy the grand ballroom, retail stores and fine restaurants.

Randolph Street Market Festival 

You can catch the Randolph Street Market Festival from May until September. The festival is both indoor and outdoors and features more than 200 local vendors selling vintage clothing, furniture and other items. You can also bring your own antiques to be appraised.

Chicago French Market 

The Chicago French Market is open year-round to tourists and locals. Vendors sell specialty food items from France and other countries in Europe. Explore different cultures as you browse through local goods and other gifts.

We know finding Chicago parking spots can be a headache, so feel free to use our services when you are traveling through the West Loop.

South Loop

The South Loop, bordered by Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, is home to the historic Shedd Acquarium and world famous museums. The neighborhood is only a short walk from the downtown.

Adler Planetarium

The museum was founded in 1930 by Max Adler and is dedicated to the study of astrophysics and astronomy. Their exhibits include Our Solar System, Mission Moon and high resolution virtual-reality attractions among others.

Field Museum

This world famous natural history museum covers more than 300,000 square feet and boasts over 30 permanent exhibitions. Established in 1893, over two million people visit the Field Museum each year.

Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium opened in 1930 and is located by the Field Museum and Adler Planetarium. The 76-year-old public aquarium institution houses over 32,000 animals and was previously considered one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world.

If you want to see these amazing attractions in The South Loop and need to find some discount parking spots, we can help you.


Lakeview is one of the most populated areas in Chicago. Located on the North Side, the neighborhood is divided into many different sections, including Wrigleyville, West Lakeview and Lakeview East.

South Lakeview Park

If you have kids and you are visiting Lakeview, you should consider seeing South Lakeview Park. The playground has large structures, swings, and picnic tables. There is also a gazebo and basketball court in the park.

Maison Rouge Gallery

The Maison Rouge Gallery was founded in 2003 and features works from established and emerging artists in Chicago. Regardless if you are an artist yourself or just appreciate the arts, you will enjoy browsing this gallery and learning about each fascinating collection.

If you live in any of these neighborhoods and would like to learn more about how you can rent your parking spot to make extra money or want to simply find a place to park that is closer to your destination, please contact us today by email or phone at (855) PARQEX-1.

ParqEx: 3 Ways to Earn Money This Year

3 Ways to Earn Money This Year

February 18th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, mobile app, Parking, sharing economy No Comment yet

Everyone likes money. They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy things like food, housing, and entertainment. Wouldn’t you like to have just a little more in your pocket? Here are 3 ways to earn extra money this year.

ParqEx: 3 Ways to Earn Money This Year

Rent out your parking spot

Believe it or not, that little square you park your car in is worth a lot, especially if you live in a bigger city. If you don’t use your spot all of the time, or maybe you have an extra spot that you don’t use at all, it’s very simple to rent it out to people who need it using ParqEx. You don’t have to do much more than set up an account, but this one method could easily make you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. All you have to do is list your parking spot on the ParqEx platform. Input the dates and times that it will be open, and be sure to note how much you want to charge for it. Don’t forget to upload a photo of the spot too. If the ParqEx system finds someone who wants to rent your spot, you can accept or deny that renter. If you accept, the rent for the spot will appear in your account!

Rent out your spare room

No matter what you have, there is someone out there who needs it. Do you have extra living space available? This could mean anything from an apartment you’re not using, to a spare bedroom, to an air mattress and some space on the floor. Why not rent it out? You can use sites like RadPad or Zumper to sublease or find a roommate for months at a time, or you can set up an account with a company such as AirBnB to rent out extra space for as little as a night.

Rent out your car

Going on a trip? Why not rent your car and parking? ke GetAround and Turo are peer to peer car sharing comapanies that specialize in facilitating this exchange, whether you’re going on a trip, or just not using your car for a while. So go ahread, rent your car and parking and make even more money.

Want to learn more about how you can make money renting out your parking spot? We can get you started. Click here to get started.

ParqEx stands 1000 plus users

ParqEx Stands at 1000 Plus Users

July 17th, 2015 Posted by Community, Garage, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Time to celebrate! ParqEx is proud to share that it has reached 1,000 unique users. It launched 45 days ago. This is much to boot because it solidifies its need to be present in Chicago. Based upon that, it would be safe to say this need exists in other big cities, too.


Dan and Kristie talk to a small lot owner in Wrigleyville who prefers our desktop web-app format.

In touching two major parking-heavy demanded neighborhoods, Wrigleyville and West Loop, 1000 users have established a major base for ParqEx. Plans to extend the marketing in to other neighborhoods are soon to come and to hopefully reach and connect neighbors all over the greater Chicagoland area.

“ParqEx is different,” says founder and CEO Vivek Mehra. “Our key differentiators are that we reach a variety of users with our single shared platform via different formats.” ParqEx can be used on Android and iOS devices as well as desktop and mobile internet browsers. He implied that being a part of a community and serving its needs requires one to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. This is why ParqEx is available on a variety of formats.

Customer Service Executive Dan Simpson and CMO Kristie Kederis remember talking to an owner of a spot in Wrigleyville. She used Craigslist because it was the only available non-mobile list service. She prided ParqEx for its accessibility to property owners like her who have been in the neighborhood a long time.

ParqEx takes the time to consider its users, and understands that it’s platform is needed by everyone. Its job is to make a find/list parking solution accessible to all of those who want to use it.

Congrats ParqEx on 1,000 awesome users!

Download our iOS & Android apps and use our web-app at


ParqEx at Randolph Street Market

ParqEx is Developing Community in the Big City

July 8th, 2015 Posted by Community, Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy No Comment yet

ParqEx stands as the first neighbor2neighbor parking app and list service to exist in Chicago. However, what makes ParqEx distinctive in its function & purpose is the way it aims to be a community-based platform.


ParqEx CEO & founder Vivek with Michael and Daniel welcome a neighbor at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago.

Some people may never think to talk to or greet their neighbor down the block. ParqEx is a game changer because it has the ability to bring folks together for a common need; parking.

Parking in a city like Chicago is a disaster, but folks can attest to their knowledge, those secret spots. They may know a friend. They may own a spot themselves. This is a demand from the people, ParqEx recognizes this demand and offers a shared platform to give and take the needs of a community and simplify the exchange. Naturally, relationships have the potential to be created.

Aside from maintaining the technology to support a community exchange and its development, our marketing campaigns are timely and address local events in our community, in and around Chicago. ParqEx has a presence at gatherings with the “Street Team” offering short conversations about our app, account creation, and of course, photo ops with our neighbors!

We are looking to stand with and sponsor community partners. Sit tight to see what we have in store next.

ParqEx is changing the way technology brings community together.

ParqEx for Sharing Economy

Parking Comes to You with Sharing Economy

March 27th, 2015 Posted by Parking, sharing economy No Comment yet

No matter what industry you work in, the sharing economy is becoming a major component of it. How do you compete in a world where people want what they want, when they want it — and not a second less or longer? By giving them what they want.

Car services like Lyft and accommodations sites like Airbnb allow people to share what they have, whether that be a car or a home, with others who are looking to use them. Both parties win, with cheaper prices for the guests and some extra income for those renting. This service has started to work its way into other industries, such as apartment rentals, and of course, parking.

Community-oriented and focused on bringing people together so that everyone gets what they’re looking for, ParqEx is a parking app that epitomizes the sharing economy. People can search for parking spots listed by their neighbors and reserve them for hours or months, depending on what they need. Those who list their spots are able to make some extra money on something they already have.

As well, the app facilitates this transaction, uniting neighbors in an easy-to-use platform that allows them to easily swap what they have for what they want. It’s quick and simple, as well as readily available whenever they need it, making folks wonder why they wouldn’t use it.

The sharing economy will continue to grow in the near future, and more businesses will hop on board — even businesses you wouldn’t have guessed could even partake! Don’t miss out on your chance to create a win-win situation for you and your community by utilizing in these services. Finally, Parking Comes to You with Sharing Economy. From traveling to parking, you’ll be glad you did.

How is ParqEx different?

February 10th, 2015 Posted by Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy No Comment yet

There are plenty of parking applications to choose from. Plenty are more established, and pretty much any of them will get you a parking spot. So why choose us?

• We’re community-oriented. Unlike many parking sites and apps, we focus on renting you spaces from people in your community. You can give back to your friends, neighbors and co-workers by selecting their spot, and provide feedback to improve things for those people too.

• We’re reasonably priced. The idea behind these parking applications is that they’re cheaper, right? So why do some of these new apps charge so much? At ParqEx, we focus on providing you with the space you need, and let each owner set the fee that they feel is appropriate.

• We’re constantly improving. We don’t believe that things are ever perfect, so we work toward always bettering ourselves and what we offer. New updates release new features and changes that you’ve asked for. Trust us, we’re really listening to what you want and working to make it happen.

• We’re easy to use. Why make things harder than they have to be? With our app, it takes you less time and effort to rent or list a parking spot than many other applications make it. We know that you don’t have time to waste, so we ensure that we don’t take up more of it than we need to.

And those are just a few things! When you add everything up, we can hardly be competed against. We making parking, renting it or selling it, benefits you in ways that it just hasn’t before. Don’t miss out on all this; be sure to check us out.


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