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ParqEx Waze Integration

Navigation using Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps and more

May 3rd, 2016 Posted by Feature, ParqEx No Comment yet

Just Launched! Navigation using Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps and more…


ParqEx makes finding a convenient parking spot quite “convenient”, but we also realize that navigation to and from the parking location is equally important. Whether it be using your favorite parking app to navigate or having the option to use an app like Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps and more; ParqEx has it all. When you click on the navigate button in the ParqEx app (Android, Apple, Windows or a web browser), you will have the options to select your favorite navigation app.


Here is how it works –


1. Select app for Navigation: Click the directions link on the parking details to access the navigation apps currently installed on your device (Note – you must have at least 1 navigation app like Google Map, Apple Map, Waze etc. installed for the options to show).

Directions To Parking Location

2. Select your favorite navigation App: In the “Select app for navigation” popup window, click on the app you wish to use for navigation (Options will vary depending on the navigation apps you have installed on your device). Make sure you have installed your favorite navigation app from the app store.

Select app for navigation




3. Navigate to the parking location using your favorite app: Clicking on the app, will open the navigation app with the parking destination address.That’s it! Go ahead and navigate to your destination.

Navigate to parking location with Waze


Navigation on Waze

The popular Waze app is a turn-by-turn navigation app that focuses on a social network where drivers can share information about accidents, police officers, road closures, and more. Now with our integration with Waze, drivers will have the option of navigating to their reserved parking location with detailed turn-by turn directions. Make sure you have downloaded the Waze app before you click the navigate button in the ParqEx app. After that, its 3 simple clicks to be on your way.

Benefits of using Waze:


  • Waze has social network integration that includes live traffic reporting from other users
  • You can send live, updating information with your ETA to friends
  • There are options to select celebrity voice navigation
  • The Waze app learns frequent destinations, commuting hours, and preferred routes
  • You can search for the cheapest gas on a route
  • The traffic jam indicator in the app counts down the time you’ll be in a jam.
  • For advaced users, here is How to turn Waze into the ultimate Navigation App.


The ParqEx app works with the following navigation apps









ParqEx is the leading social on-demand parking application. It is helping drivers all around the country save time, money and hassle.  For more information, please contact us or download the parkng app to get started.


How the Sharing Economy Found Parking

September 10th, 2015 Posted by Community, Feature, mobile app, Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy No Comment yet

If you had to choose to between paying full price for a product or to paying less for a similar product rented from a stranger on the Internet, which would you take? That’s the concept driving the push for the sharing economy.

The sharing economy includes services like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, and is turning many traditional industries on their heads. In New York City, the value of taxi medallions are dropping rapidly and taxi owners are protesting Uber’s growing market. The impact Uber and its competitor, Lyft, have are so big that the city is launching a rival app called Arro that functions similar to popular ride sharing apps only it’s strictly for NYC taxi cabs.

Taxi alternatives aren’t the only businesses disrupting traditional industries with the sharing economy. Airbnb is another key player in the “gig economy.” Airbnb is a rapidly growing service that turns spare bedrooms into hotel rooms. The service is so popular it just received $1.5 billion in funding to pursue growth in China.How the Sharing Economy Found Parking

What is driving the growth behind the sharing economy? Despite being around for several years now, websites like TaskRabbit and Elance haven’t seen nearly the growth that services like Uber and Airbnb are experiencing now. One explanation for why these services are so popular is their ability to rent out items that would otherwise go unused. It’s a passive way to make extra money.

Businesses in the sharing economy space seem to be catering to the college-aged crowd. Who other than a millennial would be willing to jump in a car with a stranger and stay overnight in another stranger’s spare room? Using the sharing economy is becoming part of everyday life for college students.

Another way college students are capitalizing on the sharing economy is with parking spaces. In Chicago, where some parking spots have a monthly rate similar to that of a small studio apartment, Parqex is making a big splash.

For owners, the app allows people with spare parking spaces the opportunity to make money with their unused spaces. The renting process is fairly quick and simple. Users enter the address of the available spot, upload a picture or two of the space, choose availability times, and then set the rate. Parqex’s system is flexible enough to allow people who commute away from the city during the day to rent out their spots to students who coming in to the city.

For renters, commuting to the colleges and universities can be a hassle but finding a parking spot just got easier. After you download the app, enter the address of your school to find which parking spots are available nearby. The app is also flexible for people looking to rent. Rather than committing to a parking spot for a month at a time, Parqex lets you rent the spot only for the time you need. It’s similar to paying for metered parking spot only now you know the spot will be there.

Sharing parking spaces is a logical move for the sharing economy. Now, not only can Uber driving millennials rent out their spare room, they can also rent out their parking spot while they’re working.

One of the more interesting aspects of the sharing economy is how everyday people who drive for Uber and rent out with Airbnb find new ways to keep customer interested in their services. Uber drivers are known to offer bottled water, maybe a snack, and always the aux cord to their passengers. Some drivers even install fun lighting systems for the nighttime crowd. On Airbnb, people renting out their spare room will go to extra lengths to make sure the stay is comfortable. Airbnb rooms are often redecorated and furnished with wall art and mini fridges to attract visitors. Some Airbnb locations even offer free breakfast.

When this attitude and spunk reaches the parking space sharing economy, can we expect fancy parking spot lighting and windshield washer fluid top-offs? Who’s to say.

For more information about how Parqex works, contact us today.

New Feature: Send Feedback

February 10th, 2015 Posted by Feature, mobile app, ParqEx No Comment yet

We know you love ParqEx; we make it easy for you to find reasonably priced parking in the city or make some extra money off your empty parking spots. But maybe you think there are some things we could be doing better.

We totally understand that; no one’s perfect, after all! That’s why our team has made it possible for you to send us your feedback about the app, our policies and anything else you can think of — all from within the app. Check out the new feature: send feedback from within the ParqEx mobile app.

The process is very simple. First make sure you’re logging into your account. Once you’ve taken care of that, click the menu. There, under “You” (where you would find your account information), you’ll now have the ability to select “Feedback.” Once clicked, we want you to tell us whatever it is that you think we can do better, as well as what you think is really great. We’re always working toward being the best version we can be, and your feedback is a major contributor to that. In advance, thanks a million!

When you’re done typing everything up, just hit the button that says “Send Feedback.” We’ll make sure we address your concerns, but we can only do that if we know what they are. With your feedback, we create a better app and you’re happier using us — everyone wins!

New Feature: Cancellation

February 10th, 2015 Posted by Feature, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

It’s wonderful to be able to book a parking spot in advance, but what about when your plans changed? You don’t want to pay for a place you no longer need, do you? Of course not! That’s why our team has been working diligently to create a New Feature: Cancellation in ParqEx. Now when your plans change, you aren’t going to be charged for it.

The cancellation feature allows you to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund up until 2 hours before the time of your reservation. If you don’t remember that, you can find that information underneath the availability for different spots or read the terms and conditions. For long-term parking cancellations, you’ll have to contact the host.

However, assuming you’re cancelling a short-term reservation, the process couldn’t be simpler. On the parking pass details screen, you’ll find the Cancellation policy listed once again — but this time, it is accompanied by a link that says, “Cancel This Reservation.” By clicking that at least two hours before your reservation starts, you’ve effectively cancelled your spot.

Want to double check? Look for the red circle when going through your reservations, where you can search by date and time. Yellow is expired, green is purchased and valid, and red confirms that you have cancelled the reservation. No need to worry about whether or not it went through!

If you click the reservation that you’ve cancelled, you’ll see that it also says cancelled. As well, your option to check-in will be gone, leaving you only able to save or contact the host.

As the host in this situation, you will be alerted immediately when someone cancels their reservation for your spot. It will be listed within your reservation details screen, so you’re able to get your spot back on the market as soon as possible.

This cancellation policy allows hosts and guests to easily change their plans and make adjustments on the spot, all within the app. What’s not to like about that?



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