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ParqEx: College Campuses Could Benefit from Using Peer to Peer Parking Platforms

College Campuses Could Benefit from Using Peer to Peer Parking Platforms

February 22nd, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, Parking, sharing economy No Comment yet

We all know that feeling of finding that sweet parking spot, but for many students at colleges and universities across the country, both students and faculty are not experiencing this pleasant emotion. While tuition and enrollment both continue to rise, parking facilities are not keeping up with the pace.

According to figures from the National Center For Education Statistics, in recent years, enrollment at secondary educational institutes has risen by 24%, from 16.6 million to 20.6 million. The number of full-time students rose to 28%, while the number of part-time students rose by 19%. While this is great for the education of our society as a whole, students and faculty are frustrated by a lack of adequate parking.

ParqEx: College Campuses Could Benefit from Using Peer to Peer Parking Platforms

UIC Gets a C Minus in Parking

For those attending UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago), they’re logging in at the popular College Niche website and have given the parking situation on campus a C minus as an average grade. While this denotes a less than fair level when it comes to grading standards, it would not be a grade that I would want to see on my college kid’s report card. Some of the complaints listed by students were:

  • The price for parking in a semester is way too high
  • Free parking around UIC does not really exist
  • Get(s) annoying real quick because it’s always packed
  • Parking on campus is impossible
  • You need to plan ahead to make it to class on time

A student author contributor notes, “According to research, at any given time there are about seventeen thousand people on campus, but there are only about eleven thousand available parking spaces.”

Worst City For Parking

Since Chicago is such a big city, it should probably come as no big surprise to students that parking is a problem there. As a matter of fact, Nerd Wallet named the windy city the worst town for parking in all of the United States. They cited variables such as cost, problems with theft and pointing to a controversial privatization of parking.

Prices skyrocketed in 2009 after the City of Chicago made a deal with a group of investors, organized by Morgan Stanley, to operate its meters for 75 years. A group called Chicago Parking Meters LLC runs the gamut and the city also has an enormous laundry list of parking violations that they use to deliver expensive citations.

No Room and No Money For Additional Parking

One might imagine the simple solution would be to simply add more parking structures or build additional lots, but in most cases, there isn’t sufficient space or funds available. According to Parking Today, the cost to build just one parking spot is around $2,000. For a parking garage or other type of structure, the expense shoots up to somewhere between $13,000 and $15,000 per space.

The addition of more parking also means an increase in traffic, which means that the University would also be forced to perform a traffic analysis. Campus and neighboring streets may not be able to handle the additional wear and tear on their aging roadways and other surfaces.

Students Using Peer to Peer Parking

In today’s modern technological world, many are turning to apps like ParqEx – A Peer to Peer Parking. The concept is actually quite simple, after downloading the app to your smartphone or android device, parking spot owners can list their unused parking spots and renters can rent convenient and affordable parking.

ParqEx: Finding Parking in the West Loop

Locating Parking in the Chicago West Loop/Fulton Market Neighborhood

January 21st, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, mobile app, Parking No Comment yet

The corridor between downtown Chicago and the United Center is experiencing rapid growth, with new restaurants, apartments and condo complexes, and businesses opening in the neighborhood every day. Until now, finding a place to eat hasn’t been as big a challenge as finding parking in the Chicago West Loop/Fulton Market neighborhood.ParqEx: Finding Parking in the West Loop

A new mobile phone app from Parqex is designed to connect residents who have parking with visitors who need parking. Assume, for example, that you have a resident permit and guest passes for on-street parking. When you are not using your allotted parking spot, the Parqex app will connect you with someone who temporarily needs and is willing to pay for your spot. The app handles all administrative and operational aspects of showing where parking is available and billing, collecting and forwarding parking fees.

If you are the neighborhood visitor, the Parqex app shows you every available parking spot on a real-time basis. You can pick a spot when you arrive in the neighborhood or reserve one ahead of time. This on-demand technology uses parking resources to the fullest capacity at all times and gives you a safe, secure, and well-lit location for you to park your car.

You can download the Parqex app and use it immediately to find parking in the West Loop and Fulton market neighborhoods, as well as in many other parts of Chicago as the company expands its services. Please contact us, or do a search for “Parqex” to find our app and to eliminate your West Loop/Fulton market parking headaches.

ParqEx: The Benefits of Renting Out Your Parking Space

The Benefits of Renting Out Your Parking Space

November 19th, 2015 Posted by Car, Community, Garage, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

If you live in a big city or are in college, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re paying more to park your car than you’re paying for food. If this seems excessive to you, then read on. What happens to that spot when you’re not parked in it? Probably nothing. It seems like a waste to pay so much for it and then leave it open. But now there’s a solution. Here are a few reasons you should rent out your parking spot when you’re not using it.ParqEx: The Benefits of Renting Out Your Parking Space

The money

So this one is pretty obvious. If you rent out your spot, then someone will pay you every time they use it. But it’s still worth mentioning because it’s arguably the most important part. People are willing to pay a lot for parking, especially in big cities, so if you have parking to offer, why shouldn’t some of that money go to you? At the very least, you’ll make a little extra spending cash that you didn’t have before, and if you’re lucky, you may even end up being able to pay off most or all of your parking spot with the money you make renting it out. Either way, it’s hard to turn down free cash.

It’s easy

So you may be picturing yourself standing next to your parking space holding a sign that says “for rent”. Luckily, there’s a system that accomplishes the same thing, but is much easier. Through ParqEx, you can list your spot using an online system. After that, you just leave it until somebody wants to rent your spot. It’s all customizable, and you control pretty much everything. Listing your spot only takes a few minutes, but that few minutes of work can end up earning you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.

It’s safe

The system is completely safe. Your parking spot will still be yours, and will be there whenever you need it. And you can always deny access to a driver, if you choose to.

Connect directly with other drivers

When you use the ParqEx system, you don’t have to deal with a company, or work through some kind of wall designed to separate users. You connect directly with the driver who is interested in your parking space. This illuminates a lot of confusion that can come from separation, because you can simply talk to them, and also eliminates a lot of extra cost. Since the company is only there to help connect drivers to you and your parking spot, and to help out when necessary, it costs very little to operate, and those savings can be passed on to you.

Participate in the advancement of technology

Sharing of things is a trend that has recently been growing at a surprising rate. We now share cars, computers, homes, and a number of other things. More and more we find that sharing things as well as their resource cost can be a very efficient way to live. By sharing your parking space, you become a part of a major movement in technology and in life. People are accepting the concept of sharing things that were once personal into their lives, and by participating in the ParqEx program, you’re becoming a piece of that world too.

Sharing your parking spot has numerous benefits, including being easy, safe, efficient, and exciting, and the best part is that you can earn money in exchange for doing almost nothing. Are you interested in renting out your parking spot, but still have questions or aren’t sure where to start? Contact us. We’ll be happy to help you with anything that you need.

Never Hunt For Parking Again: Getting Into Peer to Peer Parking

October 29th, 2015 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Those who live in the city know the struggle – finding parking in an area with poorly maintained garages, or limited street space, can be nearly impossible.

But the problem doesn’t stop at city lines. Anyone who’s ever attended a sporting event, who’s driven to a festival or fair, or done any kind of park and walk event knows how it goes. You drive, and drive. You circle the block. You moan and sigh as you watch people walking into the place where you want to be going, all the while not knowing that something like the peer to peer could actually be helping you right now.

What Does ParqEx Do?never hunt for parking

ParqEx connects drivers with spots – that means no more hunting and looking, no more being late for your events, and no more outrageous prices for vendor parking! By making use of the peer to peer (P2P) or sharing economy, ParqEx has taken out the middle man and put the power of the transaction between the person who needs to park and the person with the parking spot. Drivers can find parking quickly and efficiently; spot owners can make money with parking spots that aren’t doing anything besides sitting around and being empty. It’s really that simple.

Get the app today, and see how it works for yourself!

What Are the Benefit for Drivers?

Drivers reap a multitude of benefits. First, you have the ability to find parking ahead of your event – no more hunting for parking when you’ve arrived. Everything is set up before you’ve even left the house. Second, ParqEx takes the security of both parties very seriously – you can rest assured that the owner of the spot you’re renting from has been checked out by ParqEx, ensuring that you’re leaving your car in a safe spot (which is more than can be said for a lot of public parking these days). Finally, with ParqEx there’s always a live person to talk to when it comes to customer service. With city parking, that may not always be an option; rest assured that we take your happiness very seriously and want to hear from you!

As an added bonus, drivers have the ability to cancel their need for a spot. While you may have arranged to be in a parking spot the night before, you can cancel a spot reservation up to two hours before the start time of that reservation. How’s that for flexibility?

What Are the Benefits for Owners?

Countless individuals live in apartments, townhomes, or even houses and commute using public transportation or bikes. If your home has parking but you have a bike, then you have extra space that’s going to waste! Even if you have a car, you aren’t necessarily using your parking space at all times – you may even have multiple parking spaces, but only one vehicle. ParqEx makes it possible to get your parking space working for you. We allow you to set custom rates for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly parking, letting you earn what you’d want to earn from your spot. You get to set up your own calendar for when your spot will be available (perhaps when you’re at work, or when you’re out of town), and presto! You’re making money off your parking spot.

As an owner, you get the opportunity to be paid in a multitude of ways – we offer payments via Paypal, Venmo, Chase QuickPay, and standard checks. You’ll get paid 85% of your parking charges every week.

Want more information? We’re always happy to help! Contact us today for more information on how you can skip the parking struggle for good!


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