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7-Holiday Road Trip Tips

Another holiday season has officially arrived! Kids are sending their wishlists to Santa, parents tell themselves they won’t last-minute shop like they did last year, and people are planning their holiday menus and guestlists. Are you signing up for a road trip this holiday season? Thought so! Here is a quick list of 7-holiday road trip tips!

Top 10 reasons to shift to sustainable parking

Top 10 Reasons to Shift to Sustainable Parking

Parking structures account for one of the largest land use in cities and towns. Unfortunately, these structures are primarily inefficient and unsustainable. In the current era of global warming and climate change, sustainable parking is fundamental. Sustainable parking considers people, the environment, and the economy. Urban developers and designers are under pressure to develop smaller,…

Multifamily Amenities

7 Multifamily Amenities Your Complex Needs

If you are managing or developing a multi-family complex, you know that you have to compete for tenants with those multifamily amenities without undercutting other developments on rent. The solution to this is to offer high-quality amenities that will attract families and tenants, without breaking the bank. Here are seven great suggestions: 1. Parking Parking…