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Chicago events

Five Free February Events in Chicago

January 19th, 2017 Posted by Chicago Events, Parking, sharing economy No Comment yet

February is nearly here, and with it comes a wide variety of fun Chicago events. Whether you are looking for a fun date idea or an activity for the whole family, you are sure to find something to suit your needs in the busy Windy City. Best of all, many of these upcoming events are absolutely free, making them accessible to all, no matter what your budget may be. (more…)

in the news

In the News with ParqEx

October 25th, 2016 Posted by Community, mobile app, Parking, ParqEx, sharing economy, startup No Comment yet

ParqEx is pumped to be finalist for 2016’s “50 on Fire!”

We are 1 of just 16 B-to-C companies to make the list out of hundreds of applicants!

Chicago is one of the most diversified economies in the world, with no single industry employing more than 14% of the workforce. And this diversity extends to the city’s innovation economy, with an eclectic mix of startups, categories, entrepreneurs, enterprise tech companies, STEM organizations, universities, and more making up the ecosystem.

50 on Fire is Chicago Inno’s annual awards show, celebrating the individuals and organizations that are heating up Chicago across a variety of industries. It is a reflection of Chicago’s ecosystem at large – a collection of people and organization in a number of different roles, stages, and categories – that are, for lack of a better term, on fire. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire city to build an innovation.

ParqEx is absolutely thrilled to be one of just 16 B2C companies to be included in the prestigious list.

To read the full article, click here.

Hot spots!

Here are a few of our currently featured parking spots. Going to be in the area and need an easy place to park? Click on the spot you want. Book it. You’re a VIP.

A ParqEx original film


Jeff & Matt: A story about the day two people became friends through parking.


Jeff & Matt were once sad. Jeff drives to the big city every day from the suburbs. Jeff gets lots of headaches figuring out where to park. Matt lives in the big city. Matt has a parking space, but doesn’t always use it.

ParqEx to the rescue! The simple ParqEx app allows Matt to rent his parking space to Jeff. Jeff doesn’t have to worry about where to park anymore. Matt makes some extra money. Jeff and Matt are now friends.

To list or find parking (and maybe a new friend), click here!


ParqEx company news bits:


ParqEx: Always expanding!
This month, Parqex signed deals with Farpoint Development and MO2 Properties.

ParqEx CEO at VentureFWD Summit
ParqEx Founder and CEO Vivek Mehra was one of an esteemed and select group of innovators and leaders to speak at the 2016 Venture for Women & Diversity Summit.

ParqEx is hiring in Chicago and Wisconsin
ParqEx is looking for leaders, including Jr. Account Executives (Sales) in both Madison and Milwaukee. See the full list of opportunities at our great company.

GAME CHANGER: ParqEx Access+

With Access+, residents and approved visitors can open the garage door from their smartphones. Garage owners can simplify management and improve control of the garage.

Interested? Learn more here!



Elmspring Rush: Highlighting the 10 Companies

October 19th, 2016 Posted by Chicago Events, mobile app, Parking, parking spots, ParqEx, sharing economy, startup No Comment yet

The Elmspring Accelerator is a venture accelerator that invests in technology startups who aim to disrupt the real estate and housing industry.


Park Smarter, Live Better

September 7th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, mobile app, Parking, ParqEx, startup No Comment yet

Park the way YOU want! Here are 4 reasons why using ParqEx will make your life a lot better:


  • You’ll save money. It’s simple: parking in the city using ParqEx will save you money. We all hate that feeling of spending $20 on something, later to find out that same thing was available for $10. Once you pay that $50 to park outside Wrigley Field, you’re not getting that money back after you realize ParqEx had an available spot even closer to the stadium for half the price. With parking, unfortunately there are no price adjustments or price matching. Why pay more than you should for parking when you can be spending your hard earned money on things you love; like Cubs and Blackhawks tickets. Start spending money the way you want to spend it. It’s more fun that way!


  • You’ll make money. There aren’t too many things better than making money while doing nothing. If you’re already making money by sitting on the couch watching the Bears on Monday Night Football, well, here’s a way you can be making more money – and if you’re not yet as lucky as the Bears fan mentioned above, here’s where ParqEx comes to the rescue. It’s as easy as downloading the ParqEx app on your smart phone or tablet or visiting the ParqEx website and listing your parking spot on our platform. It’s like listing your apartment on Airbnb, but doing so with your parking spot. So if you’re working a 9-5 job or going on vacation for a week, list your parking spot on ParqEx daily, weekly, or monthly and start earning the money you deserve.


  • You’re caring about your community. Parking can be frustrating. Very frustrating. Why? Because there always seems to be WAAAY more cars looking for parking than parking spots available. ParqEx is solving the parking crisis by making more parking spots readily available, but we can’t do it without your help. By listing your spot on the ParqEx website or app, you can help out your community by making it easier for everyone to park – and in turn, these people can spend more time doing what they want to do in your city.


  • Believe it or not, you’ll have fun! We all know the satisfying feeling of finding the perfect parking spot. It’s usually worthy of a fist pump or a high five with the person in the passenger seat. ParqEx makes you feel that way every single time you park. Using ParqEx, you can see all of the spots available near your destination. Try to find the spot that you think is most valuable!


Whether you need a parking space for just a day, a whole week, or an entire month, or are looking to rent your space on our app, check out the rest of our site and familiarize yourself with us! We know you may have further questions, so please give us a call or send us an email if you want to chat!

ParqEx Named Best Tech Startup in Chicago

September 2nd, 2016 Posted by Chicago Events, mobile app, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Tech in Motion has announced ParqEx as the “Best Technology Startup” in Chicago at the 2nd Annual Timmy Awards, which recognizes the top workplaces for technology professionals. The Chicago tech community chose ParqEx from a field of 10 finalists, including Rippleshot, UrbanBound, Crowdfind and runner-up Peanut Butter. ParqEx is a private parking marketplace that allows parking spot owners to rent their parking spaces daily, weekly or monthly. In doing so, parking spot owners can make some extra cash, while renters have access to more available, affordable parking. ParqEx is currently available for use in Chicago, but will be expanding to other cities including Milwaukee and Madison in the near future.

“With so many fantastic startups launching in our community, it was especially thrilling to announce ParqEx as Chicago’s Best Technology Startup,” said Tech in Motion organizer David Belsky, Regional Director of Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates Chicago. “The competition was intense, with more than 11,000 votes coming in. We plan to keep honoring top Chicago-area leaders like ParqEx as a part of our annual Timmy Awards.”

ParqEx is accessible via smartphone and the web and provides drivers with immediate access to an exclusive parking inventory. The ParqEx Access+ garage door opener services is the first of its kind and offers access to parking located behind doors and gates. With Access+, residents and approved visitors can open garage doors and gates from their smart phones, making more parking available to the community. ParqEx continues to grow

“The ParqEx team is honored to receive this award and is looking forward to helping more and more people not only find affordable parking, but help parking spot owners make some extra money,” ParqEx CEO, Vivek Mehra said, “Our company will solve the parking crisis that impacts many communities by making parking easier, affordable and more readily available.”

The Timmy Awards are presented throughout the year in cities across North America, including Boston, San Francisco and Toronto. Previous winners have included innovators such as, LearnVest, Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper and Instacart. The next Timmy Awards ceremonies are the Silicon Valley’s Inaugural Timmy Awards in September and Orange County & San Diego’s 2nd Annual Timmy Awards in October. Please visit for more information.

About ParqEx

Founded in 2014 by Vivek Mehra, ParqEx is a community-based platform that allows parking spot owners to rent their parking spots on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play, or call (855) PARQEX-1 for more information.

About Tech in Motion Events

Tech in Motion is an international events series that brings local tech community professionals together to connect, learn, and innovate. What started as a collaborative project between IT recruiting firms Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates in 2011, grew into an organization of over 65,000 members across 11 chapters in North America including Boston, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, LA, Orange County and Toronto. Please visit for more information about our notable speakers, sponsors and events.

3 Tips for a Better Commuting Adventure Around Chicago

August 4th, 2016 Posted by Chicago Travel Tips, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

With around 10 million residents in the Chicago Metro area and 50.2 million international and domestic visitors in a given year (2014), according to Wikipedia, commuting around the Windy City is a daily adventure. Hopefully, with the right strategy, tools, and plan, commuters will get to their destination in one piece and not be late. In an effort to facilitate this small miracle, here are 3 tips for a better commuting adventrure around Chicago.

better commuting USE

1. Know Your Options

Let’s start with the basics and explain the commuting options available. Here’s a list of the most common commuting methods:

    • CTA Rail/Bus (a.k.a the “EL” or “L”)
    • Metra Rail
    • Biking
    • Driving
    • Carpooling
    • Walking
    • Taxi (Car and Boat)

These are the common commuting methods (except taxi boat) people use in Chicago. Looking at the very helpful Chicago Commute Mode Map on the website, we can see which commuting options are used the most according to the areas within Chicago.

Basically, commuting by driving solo dominates the suburbs — outside of the “Chicago Loop” (downtown area). Notably, the Near North Side all the way up to Uptown is dominated by commuters using the Metra Rail (mostly young professionals). Much of the area around the highly concentrated “Loop” is dominated by walking commuters. Driving alone is always a popular choice, but parking problems make this a difficult and expensive option.

2. Plan Ahead and Prepare

Knowing your commuting options is the first step, now preparing for the adventure is the next. In the third largest city in the U.S., commuters generally find a method that works for them and stick with it. Yet, everyone has to start from somewhere, and circumstances can change, requiring a new plotting and planning session to occur.

The optimal commute is somewhat a subjective choice; one person may prefer biking 10 miles, rather than taking a CTA bus. Maybe one person would rather take the Metra Rail, rather than drive alone, etc. There may even be someone who would rather take the CTA bus than any other option, but this is likely from their extreme adventure lifestyle. Either way, consider: what method is preferred, what method is cheapest, and what method is fastest?

With the preferred methods in mind, start mapping out the route from start to finish. This adventure will likely be a mixture of commuting methods, so each stage needs to be considered. Where will you park your car or bike, how much will the commute cost at each stage, how much does any parking and storage needs cost?

This planning may require some phone calls and web searches for specific stops and destinations along the way, in order to get the exact information needed for a smooth commute. How long will you have to wait at the intervals, and how long is each leg of the journey? In addition to knowing the main route for the journey, an alternative route should be considered just in case of an unexpected delay or issue.

Planning and preparing in some capacity needs to be done with every new adventure, even with “regular city folk.” For those who are new to Chicago, this will make the difference between a fun adventure and being part of a “lost in Chicago reality show.”

For instance, if you have to take the CTA rail or bus, make sure you have exact change, or do like regulars do and get a pass at Walgreens. Even those who are used to Chicago need to plan and prepare their commutes, when their work changes and/or they’re trying to commute somewhere different.

3. Driving Alone with Parking Options

Now that we’ve explained the options and process of successfully commuting in Chicago, let’s talk about something most people won’t admit. The preferred method of commuting for almost everyone is driving solo. This method gives people the most freedom, flexibility, comfort, and security out of all the other options. The only problem with this option is being able to find and afford parking at the final destination.

Some people have snazzy employers who provide parking, but what about the times when they’re not working? For everyone else, finding parking is difficult and then cost about around $15/day; and night parking for everyone can be unsafe and confusing. So what’s the solution?

The good news is the “driving solo commuting option” is now more possible and affordable than ever with ParqEx. This is because ParqEx helps people in Chicago (and 6 other major cities in the U.S.) find secure and affordable parking anywhere they need it!

For real, just download the ParqEx App on your smart phone, look up the neighborhood you need parking in, reserve the private parking spot you choose for the times needed, and then park there at the end of your commuting adventure. The only difference now is the adventure will be a lot smoother and less of a headache. Want to know more? Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.

ParqEx: 5 Important Things to Consider When Planning a Road Trip

5 Important Things to Consider When Planning a Road Trip

March 24th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, mobile app, Parking, Safety No Comment yet

The road trip is a phenomenon seemingly as old as the automobile itself.  Way back when, a road trip was simply to the next town over.  These days it is possible to travel across an entire country.  While a road trip with your buddies or significant other may differ in purpose and content from a family road trip, it will always be an affordable way to see the sights and spend time with the people who you care about.

ParqEx: 5 Important Things to Consider When Planning a Road Trip

That said, what seems like a simple concept (get in the car and drive) can often be derailed by unforeseen circumstances and poor planning.  While there are many things you cannot prepare for, there are several ways to get ready for a road trip that can make the trip run more smoothly and make it much more enjoyable for everyone. If you are planning a road trip or intend to soon, below are 5 things to consider.

  1. Destination and Route: While many people just want to hit the open road and see where destiny takes them, not having at least a general destination in mind can result in disaster.  Multiple route options are ideal as well.  Weather could make the scenic route more treacherous, but on the other hand you could miss a lot of landmarks if you do not plan to drive past them.  This plan does not have to be especially rigid, but it can help you prevent unintentionally driving several 8 hour stretches.  This is much easier than it used to be with today’s technology with such planning apps as Roadtrippers or On The Way.
  2. Budget: While driving to a destination is much cheaper and more about the journey than flying, expenses can add up very quickly. For example, you may want to meander around an area to see the sights, but gas prices can accumulate, so best see what you can on foot.  Apps like Gas Buddy can help you save money on gas.  Prepare as much as you can to eat beforehand and share rooms if possible.  There are several online travel calculators that can assist in this process.
  3. Parking: While you are driving to most cities or towns, once you get to that destination you will probably want to get out and explore.  Unfortunately, in many places parking is not always easily accessible or the rules are unclear.  For example, Chicago parkingrules differ from New York City parking rules.  Fortunately, Parqex has a very helpful parking app that can help in that area.  If other cities do not have similar apps, try and scout ahead for discount parking or places you can rent parking for the day.  Downtown parking can be especially difficult to find in certain places so take into account the size of the city.
  4. Cash: Even though many people do not like to carry a lot of cash with them, it is important to have some on a road trip for multiple reasons.  Toll booths seem to appear in the most random places, and many parking stands still only take cash so make sure to carry both bills and coins.  It is also a good idea to keep this in a place other than your wallet in case it is misplaced or stolen.
  5. Stay In Touch: Make sure a friend or family member has a copy of your general itinerary and check in regularly to keep them updated about any changes.  This way in anything happens to you or you fail to check in, there is someone who is aware that things may not be ok.  Turning on apps like Find My Friends alerts people to your location at all times if assistance is needed.

Of course there are other important considerations such as proper packing and making sure your car is in the best possible shape.  Road trips are a shared common experience that unite us as both individuals and as a culture.  That said, it is true that many people look back at their road trips growing up and only recall the broken down car or fighting siblings, so make sure to prepare adequately in order to avoid a negative experience. Contact us to learn more about parking options or any other ways we can help make the trip one that your family and/or friend will remember with a smile.

ParqEx: The 3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Visit this Spring

The 3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Visit this Spring

March 17th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Are you thinking about making a trip to the Windy City? Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and is known for its fine restaurants, art museums and bold architecture. Here are some fun and interesting attractions in three Chicago neighborhoods to visit this spring along with our suggestions on how to find great downtown parking.

ParqEx: The 3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Visit this Spring

West Loop

The West Loop used to be home to the Oprah Winfrey studios and is now considered one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city. Some of the best restaurants, retail shops and bars are located in this section of Chicago. Union Station, Randolph Street Market Festival and the Chicago French Market are three famous attractions you can visit in this neighborhood.

Union Station

Many people imagine Union Station when they think of Chicago. This classic landmark opened in 1925 as a replacement for an 1881 train station. While you explore the station, take your time and enjoy the grand ballroom, retail stores and fine restaurants.

Randolph Street Market Festival 

You can catch the Randolph Street Market Festival from May until September. The festival is both indoor and outdoors and features more than 200 local vendors selling vintage clothing, furniture and other items. You can also bring your own antiques to be appraised.

Chicago French Market 

The Chicago French Market is open year-round to tourists and locals. Vendors sell specialty food items from France and other countries in Europe. Explore different cultures as you browse through local goods and other gifts.

We know finding Chicago parking spots can be a headache, so feel free to use our services when you are traveling through the West Loop.

South Loop

The South Loop, bordered by Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, is home to the historic Shedd Acquarium and world famous museums. The neighborhood is only a short walk from the downtown.

Adler Planetarium

The museum was founded in 1930 by Max Adler and is dedicated to the study of astrophysics and astronomy. Their exhibits include Our Solar System, Mission Moon and high resolution virtual-reality attractions among others.

Field Museum

This world famous natural history museum covers more than 300,000 square feet and boasts over 30 permanent exhibitions. Established in 1893, over two million people visit the Field Museum each year.

Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium opened in 1930 and is located by the Field Museum and Adler Planetarium. The 76-year-old public aquarium institution houses over 32,000 animals and was previously considered one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world.

If you want to see these amazing attractions in The South Loop and need to find some discount parking spots, we can help you.


Lakeview is one of the most populated areas in Chicago. Located on the North Side, the neighborhood is divided into many different sections, including Wrigleyville, West Lakeview and Lakeview East.

South Lakeview Park

If you have kids and you are visiting Lakeview, you should consider seeing South Lakeview Park. The playground has large structures, swings, and picnic tables. There is also a gazebo and basketball court in the park.

Maison Rouge Gallery

The Maison Rouge Gallery was founded in 2003 and features works from established and emerging artists in Chicago. Regardless if you are an artist yourself or just appreciate the arts, you will enjoy browsing this gallery and learning about each fascinating collection.

If you live in any of these neighborhoods and would like to learn more about how you can rent your parking spot to make extra money or want to simply find a place to park that is closer to your destination, please contact us today by email or phone at (855) PARQEX-1.

ParqEx: 3 Top Travel Apps Everyone Should Have to Make Life Easier

3 Top Travel Apps Everyone Should Have to Make Life Easier

March 10th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, Community, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

Every traveler has experienced the hassles and frustration of trying to find their way around an unfamiliar city, find a place to eat, or find a parking place. With these three easy apps you can make your travel life easier, and even enjoyable.

ParqEx: 3 Top Travel Apps Everyone Should Have to Make Life Easier


GasBuddy is one of the best apps on the market today for travelers who are driving across the country, or across the state. Just input your location or zip code, and the GasBuddy app will tell you who has the lowest gas prices near you.  It will even tell you how far you are from each location as well as their phone number and address.

City Maps 2 Go

This app will help you find your way around Los Angeles, New York City, and any other city you can think of.  Say bye-bye to roaming charges and spotty service, because this app will even let you download thousands of maps for offline use.


If you’re headed to a popular tourist attraction, whether it’s the LA Museum of Art, Shedd’s Aquarium, or Heinz Field, then you know parking is going to be a hassle and a half.  Not with ParqEx, though.  You can reserve a parking spot in advance. That means you are guaranteed to have a parking place when you reach your destination.

By having these three handy apps on your smart phone or other device you can increase the fun of traveling and decrease the headaches.

Contact us and reserve your next parking spot today!

ParqEx: 3 Travel Apps Everyone Should Have to Make Winter Easier

3 Travel Apps Everyone Should Have to Make Winter Easier

February 4th, 2016 Posted by Car, Chicago Travel Tips, mobile app, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

With months to go until spring pokes its head up, with the days being shorter and colder, cabin fever can quickly set in.  And we all know what the best cure for cabin fever is, right? Travel! Figuring out where to go, when to leave, how long to stay – the excitement can only grow from now til time to head out to your destination. Before taking off, check out these three top travel apps that everyone should have tucked into their suitcase…or at least in their phone.

ParqEx: 3 Travel Apps Everyone Should Have to Make Winter Easier

  1. ParqEx – If you are going to be driving once you arrive at your destination, this app can save you a lot of time and headache. You can rent a privately owned parking spot for an hour, a day, a week, or a month. During the winter, this app can be just the thing by helping you get as close as possible to your hotel, or entertainment venue, so you won’t have to risk trekking through snow and ice on your trip. Also, if you own a private parking spot, you can list it while you’re out-of-town and let it earn you some extra cash until you return.
  2. Winter Survival Kit– This app can be a true life saver. If you are stranded out in your vehicle during cold weather, your Winter Survival Kit will calculate how long you can run your engine on your remaining amount of fuel, call 9-1-1 for you, alert your family, and help pinpoint your location. It is also set up to alarm every 30 minutes to remind you to shut off your engine for a while and to check your exhaust for obstructions.
  3. Minutely – This weather app can also be a very handy accessory for cold-weather travel. It keeps you up-to-date on all the current weather conditions and forecasts for your location and your travel route. This can help you know what roads to avoid, or if there are any closures ahead. This can help you not end up stranded out in your car for extended periods of time during inclement weather.

These may not be the only apps you’ll use while you’re gone, but they can definitely help to make your trip easier and safer.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Happy travels!

How to Save Money on Parking, All with Your Phone

November 27th, 2015 Posted by Car, Parking, sharing economy No Comment yet

If someone asked you what your biggest expenses are, you’d probably list housing, insurance, and food for starters. However, the money you spend on parking probably wouldn’t come to mind immediately. In truth, we spend lots and lots of money on parking. Many of us spend hundreds of dollars a year on parking, and some spend even more than that. This is especially true for people who live in big cities. What if there was a way to spend considerably less money on parking? What if you could save several hundred dollars a year on parking, just by using a different method? What would you spend all of that extra money on? Here are a couple of ways you can save money on parking by using spots that have already been paid for.Save Money

Rent a spot when you’re out-of-town

If you drive when you travel, then you’re familiar with one of the biggest hassles of traveling with a car: You always have to figure out where to put it. Unfortunately, because larger cities are so crowded, the fees for parking are often very high. This is only made more frustrating by the fact that on your way to that $20 parking spot, you pass dozens of spots that are empty, but you can’t use them because they’re already reserved by someone for an extended period of time. As it turns out, the people who have already paid for that spot are frustrated as well because they paid the full price for their spot, but only use it part of the time. What if there was a way for you to borrow their spot, just while they weren’t using it? Of course, it’d only be fair to throw them a few dollars in exchange for the spot. Well, that’s exactly what the ParqEx app does. With the app, instead of heading to that $20 parking spot down the road, you can stop, book a spot, and pull right in for $10. Everybody wins.

Share a spot where you live

You can still save lots of money on parking even if you’re not traveling. If you have a car, you have to put it somewhere. You can rent a spot for long-term for hundreds of dollars, but that’s definitely not ideal. You can remedy the problem by listing your spot on ParqEx, but maybe you find that you’re away more than you’re home, and it just doesn’t make sense to pay for a long-term spot. You can still use the ParqEx app the same way. Whenever you’re on your way home, book a spot close to where you live. Or better yet, book it even further ahead of time. There’s nothing stopping you from booking the same spot every time as long as it’s available, and a few dollars a few times a week will definitely be less expensive than hundreds of dollars for a season or year.

Shop around

Another great aspect of ParqEx is that you don’t just get assigned a spot. The app lets you shop around and pick out whichever spot works the best for you. Maybe you have three loads of groceries or you’re late and need a spot close to where you’re going. Maybe you don’t mind walking, but you really want to save a few extra dollars. In any case, ParqEx will help you find your perfect spot, and book it for huge savings.

Want to try out ParqEx, or just interested in learning more? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to answer all of your questions and get you on your way to saving money on parking.

What’s New In the ParqEx App (as of 11/8/2015)

November 8th, 2015 Posted by mobile app, Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

We don’t want to be just the only peer-to-peer parking app in Chicago, we want to be your go-to parking app—for every occasion, in every neighborhood. That’s why we’re working hard to make ParqEx easier to use and easier to make money with. Today’s app update includes the helpful additions of phone number verification and notifications. These features will help spot owners stay on top of requests and help spot renters stay informed.

Once your phone number is verified, you can choose to receive push and/or text-based notifications from the app’s Notifications panel. SMS notification options include messages from owners/renters, reservation updates, account changes, and tips from ParqEx. We recommend keeping the Messages and Reservations options on, at the very least, so you won’t miss any requests or rental updates!












A True Dedication to Parking

August 12th, 2015 Posted by Parking, ParqEx No Comment yet

ParqEx is the peer to peer parking app, where people can find or list parking; a true dedication to parking.

Our message is clear: Find a spot, save money. List a spot, make money. We have truly supported this message and will make some key points for you to consider here when choosing ParqEx over other listing services, such as classified ads. Say peace to the classifieds!

1. We’ve Got 1 Purpose: Parking!

When searching for a parking spot, you can put your frustration to bed. Why? Because parking is the only objective we have, to serve you. When visiting a service truly dedicated to hosting the spots of local owners, you’ll find what you need, way easier. Many folks share extra spots on the online classified sites, yet aren’t making their most optimal potential on the spot because people do not visit the online classifieds just simply for parking. This is something to consider!

2. We Love You!

With over 3500 users engaged with our website and app every month, ParqEx is tried and true to serving you everyday. We provide support via phone, email and through our new integrated chat. In addition, many of our app updates have been because of customer suggestion. We are truly responsive and here to help you.

3. You Make the Rules!

Yes, you make the rules. You can list your spot for as short or as long as you want to. You can rent by the hour, day, week, month, year or custom. We are developing a feature to automatically collect rent monthly for long term rentals.

4. Safe and Secure!

ParqEx is your complete parking platform and we are thinking about safety. In keeping this model strong, we arm our site and transactions with the best guard of security. Transactions are cashless and simple. All business happens before you park.

5. We’re All About Community!

In addition to being “peer to peer” or “neighbor to neighbor,” we are also community-based and local. Our foundation resides on the fact that folks help one another by providing each other a service that is needed. This is key in the shared economy sector in which we are apart of. We all share our needs and fulfill wants to create relationships, and provide an excellent service.

ParqEx for Sharing Economy

Parking Comes to You with Sharing Economy

March 27th, 2015 Posted by Parking, sharing economy No Comment yet

No matter what industry you work in, the sharing economy is becoming a major component of it. How do you compete in a world where people want what they want, when they want it — and not a second less or longer? By giving them what they want.

Car services like Lyft and accommodations sites like Airbnb allow people to share what they have, whether that be a car or a home, with others who are looking to use them. Both parties win, with cheaper prices for the guests and some extra income for those renting. This service has started to work its way into other industries, such as apartment rentals, and of course, parking.

Community-oriented and focused on bringing people together so that everyone gets what they’re looking for, ParqEx is a parking app that epitomizes the sharing economy. People can search for parking spots listed by their neighbors and reserve them for hours or months, depending on what they need. Those who list their spots are able to make some extra money on something they already have.

As well, the app facilitates this transaction, uniting neighbors in an easy-to-use platform that allows them to easily swap what they have for what they want. It’s quick and simple, as well as readily available whenever they need it, making folks wonder why they wouldn’t use it.

The sharing economy will continue to grow in the near future, and more businesses will hop on board — even businesses you wouldn’t have guessed could even partake! Don’t miss out on your chance to create a win-win situation for you and your community by utilizing in these services. Finally, Parking Comes to You with Sharing Economy. From traveling to parking, you’ll be glad you did.


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