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Benefits of ParqEx White Label Parking Solutions

In today’s world of dog-eat-dog business development, white labeling is a solution brought to the table more often than most might think. Every company is looking for ways to get ahead of its competition while maintaining a high ROI. Consequently, white labeling is a highly desired solution.

Commercial & industrial enterprises, co-working companies, and property management firms: are you looking to integrate a white label parking solution into your technology to gain a competitive edge over your competitors? Keep on reading below! 

Smart Home Tech New Innovations

Smart Home Tech New Innovations

The world of smart home tech new innovations is becoming more and more advanced with devices from major tech companies arriving regularly on the market. The Internet of Things (IoT) means that practically every device can now include a computer chip and be connected to the internet. That allows far more automated actions, detection, and…

Amazon Alexa Smart Home Giveaway

ParqEx’s Amazing Alexa Smart Home Giveaway!

Smart homes are the single hottest home trend today, and the reason is no mystery. Smart homes are both delightful to use and incredibly useful. Each smart home is unique, built to provide for the specific needs of the residents. A well-developed smart home can perfectly accent the lives of the residents and make almost…


Technology is changing the auto industry

We are now well into 2017, and it would seem the future of auto technology has arrived—at least, as far as vehicles are concerned. The many new car advancements and trends expected on the road this year are pretty incredible, and some of them really do make one feel like they’re living in a sci-fi film.

ParqEx: Who Wants the Sharing Economy?

Who Wants A Sharing Economy?

Is the concept of a sharing economy a solution to traffic congestion and downtown parking shortages in metropolitan areas? If automobiles and transportation become part of a shared economy model, will this also reduce less demand for parking lots and parking spaces? Will cities like Chicago and Los Angeles become easier to navigate and air quality improve?…

ParqEx: The Current State of the On Demand Marketplace

The On-Demand Marketplace Revolution

The on-demand marketplace is growing exponentially and is now a serious business. Companies around the country and around the world are disrupting traditional business models. Also known as the “sharing economy”, companies are using peer-to-peer models to instantly provide services using people’s spare resources. Whether those resources are a spare room, a spare moment to work…