The Magic of the ParqEx Mobile App

The Magic of the ParqEx Mobile App

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Your time is precious despite being bombarded with deadlines, scheduling conflicts and time crunches. Driving time and traffic jams take up so much valuable time and then you still have to find a parking spot. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a magic wand that instantly made finding a parking spot easy to access? Now finding a parking spot is as easy as installing the ParqEx Mobile App, magically saving you time, money and minimizing frustration. If you prefer to use a computer, there is also an easy to use website.

Capitalizing on technology

Our mobile app is a beneficial way for our business to capitalize on technology while providing an important service to customers. We cater to the needs of the community building a platform via the user’s phone that establishes relationships. Our mobile app is useful and provides up to date information about community affairs. We combine technology and human correspondence to create the magical experience our service provides.

One touch access

Technology definitely makes life a bit easier and more convenient. One of the best things about our mobile app is that it is very simple and easy to use. Selecting the download option on your phone is all the work required at a reasonable cost. You don’t need a rocket science degree to follow the simple instructions which are appealing for those who are technologically challenged.

A platform for giving

There is magic in giving and we understand consumers have lots of choices when it comes to other mobile services. Our mobile app is much more effective than a billboard since almost everyone has a mobile device. And because we are community oriented, the app provides the opportunity to give back by focusing on renting spaces from family, friends, and colleagues. Addressing your parking needs is as simple as connecting to someone in the community using word of mouth and technology.

Great service at affordable prices

Everyone loves to save money, and it doesn’t make sense to provide a service that no one can afford. One of the most appealing features of our mobile app is that we focus on providing you with the space you need at an affordable price. Whether you’re in town or on vacation we always look for ways to provide you the quality service you deserve.

Creating the connection

With our mobile app it’s not just about making money but we strive to create a direct personal connection giving our customers a VIP feeling when they receive instant notifications telling them about community events, offers and promotions.


It’s not about what we want our customers to have but rather what they need. We take the time to listen to the feedback of our clients and take their suggestions to heart. As a result our mobile app is high quality with a rich user interface have an intuitive dashboard that allows consumers to locate the feature they need within a finger tips reach.

Part of us being the best is the fact that we strive to provide a superb product and excellent service. In Chicago and neighboring areas parking is challenging and we wanted to provide a solution. No more fighting road rage and circling the parking lot. Using our mobile app provides you the right tools to make life more convenient, saving time and providing the perfect parking spot, just like magic.

We’re unique and we know it! Although mobile apps have many benefits, our company specializes in enabling you to find the ideal parking spot based on your current location and address. With our app you can contact individual parking spot owners with your specific questions, reserve your spot, and park your car by the hour, day, week or month. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect parking spot.

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