ParqEx: The Trials of Parking at the University

The Trials of Parking at the University

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Jenny is running late for class…again.  She knows full well that she should leave earlier in the morning, but those last ten minutes of sleep just end up being more important right up until she’s rushing to actually get out the door.  When she pulls into the university area, she already knows that she’s doomed.  There’s no parking anywhere.  She’s already behind, and she’s either going to have to spend the next thirty minutes circling the campus, desperately hoping that something will open up, or park so far away that she’ll already have missed her class by the time she walks all the way there.ParqEx: The Trials of Parking at the University

Crystal isn’t currently enrolled at the university.  She’s just meeting a friend for lunch at a little place that happens to be a few miles off campus.  Unfortunately, she’s beginning to regret her decision to drive all the way in instead of parking off campus and walking.  There’s no parking anywhere near the restaurant, and she’s about to be late to meet her friend.  Even if she wanted to park further away, she’s wearing her favorite pair of stylish–yet highly uncomfortable–shoes.  Walking that far simply isn’t an option.  Now, if she could just find a parking space.

Byron has been planning this date for weeks.  He knew that Gabby loved theater, so he was sure that she’d be enchanted by his decision to take her to the college’s latest production.  He’d planned everything perfectly:  he’d dressed his best, remembered to bring her flowers, and even scoped out the best place to take her out to dinner after the play.  There’s just one problem:  it’s pouring rain, she’s not dressed for walking, and there are no parking places to be had anywhere.

Mark has a standing appointment to tutor Lacey on Wednesdays after her last class.  Unfortunately, the last few times he’s come in, he’s been running very, very late.  It isn’t because he isn’t making the effort to show up on time; the trouble is, he hasn’t been able to find parking.  He’s leaving with plenty of time to get there and get a space; there just isn’t one anywhere!  By the time he finds one, he’s running behind, and he has to cut her tutoring session short as a result.  She’s not getting what she needs out of the arrangement, and that means that if he’s not careful, he’s going to be looking for another tutoring job.

Jordan just needs to run into the bookstore on campus to pick up one item.  He’ll only be there for a few minutes…if he can find a parking space.  Unfortunately, if he has to park off-campus and walk, he’s going to end up being late to his job.  He has to get in and get that book picked up, or his professor is going to read him the riot act on Monday, but he can’t risk being late to work, either.  All he can do is hope that there will be a parking space open…or is it?

All of these people have one thing in common:  they need a parking space.  Some of them need one for a one-time event or commitment.  Others would benefit from having regular access to a parking spot.  The solution?  ParqEx.  ParqEx allows drivers just like these three individuals to reserve parking spots when they need them the most, where they need them the most.  In high-traffic areas, finding a parking space can be a real challenge, but with ParqEx, you can rest assured that you’ll have the parking space you need, when you need it.

Need more information?  Fee free to contact us with your questions and concerns and to learn how ParqEx can revolutionize your parking habits.

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